Sunday, October 15, 2006

a little bag for a cellphone

A needle felted piece was waiting to be used ,so I made a little bag for a cellphone ,
Maybe I make more I think it is a very nice present ,


Tijm said...

Erg mooi Emmy!!!
En ik geniet extra want het is vilt werk en ik kan maar geen blogs vinden over vilten. Weet jij er een paar? Voor de zekerheid kijk ik je links even na.
Waar bestel jij je wol? Ik in Duitsland.

sue b said...

Love this Emmy, the color is gorgeous. What a terrific idea!

Maureen said...

Wunderbar Emmy!
My favourite colours:blue and turquoise.
Does it have a strap for you to wear around neck?

kathy said...

this is a beautiful little bag for a cell phone...I absolutely love the color and I can tell just feeling it would be pleasing...the beads, yum!