dinsdag, november 07, 2006

The 9 ATC's

Here are the 9 ATC's .
The first rowe the first card,,Peggy made that one on her own
The first rowe second card,,, Jutta send fabric to me I made the first embelisment and Peggy finished it
The 3 card I send the fabrick Jutta mad the first embelisment and peggy finished it

The 2e rowe
1e card Peggy fabrick Jutta first embelisment I finished
2e card Jutta fabrick peggy first embelisment I finished
3e card I made that one on my own

The 3e rowe
1e card Peggy fabrick I firste embeliment Jutta finished
2e card Jutta mad that one on her own
3e card Isend the fabric Peggy mad the first embelisment Jutta finished it

Thank you ladies for the ATC game It was so muts fun and we have some wonderful cards
I played the game with Jutta and Peggy .
Jutta does not hase a Blog but Peggy hase ..

2 opmerkingen:

FaeryDi zei

What a great game, and some beautiful cards!!

Anoniem zei

Wowee! Am just getting into TATC's and I have to say that they are amazing!