woensdag, november 08, 2006

Red for Textile Tuesday

I wil let you see the proses of making this piece for the textiele Tuesday
The first thing was looking for the richt fabric ,this is a piece of silk left over from a fabric journal I have made .
On the embelisher I made a altering in the fabric .

It is not good to see but if you look very good oyu see some needle felted wol I made on the embellisher

I got some mull, wol,punched it togeter on the embellisher and added it to the silk ,
I wamted to add some FME ,,, but my machine brook and I have to get it to the man to get it fiksed so I an you have to wait until this weekend , so sorry ,
when I am in the mood I like to go on ,, but I have to wait , it is so hard .....

7 opmerkingen:

Carol zei

Have you set the red silk like that or was it bought? I am interested as I am working with heat setting polyester into gathers and tucks at the mo.If you could describe how you did it that would be fab! I love the colour choice. Love carol

sue b zei

It'll be a beautiful piece when it's done Emmy - it's a luscious color.

Tijm zei

Erg mooi en wat leuk die 'les' ! Mag van mij wel vaker, dat proces in beeld.

StegArt zei

I'm loving the textures...can't wait to see when it's done.

Maureen zei

Beautiful fabric Emmy.
Did you needle punch it into that sta/flower pattern or did you use Chisimi thread to gather and ruffle it?

Kim zei

wow - gorgeous fabric!

Anoniem zei

Lovely! Red is a heavy theme I think!