maandag, november 06, 2006

working on some pages

Yes working on some pages I have 2 pages completed now ,I have to do the backside of Arlee's
Page but I got an I dea for ,The window to the soul , For Kitty
Lots of little pieces of fabric, FME on a background In the middle a door to a little window ,
what is behind that window is stil in progres ,
The last page is the backside of the Peace prayer,Al little pocket with little gifts and tags

12 opmerkingen:

Carol zei

I love these pieces, especially the first one, i love the piecing and the free motion stitching. Are they for a specific project? Love carol

StegArt zei

They all look great. Love the colors!

ACey zei

Oh Emmy I love all the separate little pockets. I will be as happy as a child when I get to look inside of them!

Dianne zei

Emmy. The pages are fantastic! I also love the pockets and you always do such wonderful colours.

sue b zei

Awesome Emmy! Love love love that first one.

SuZ zei

oh, I love your work Emmy---I see I have a lot to learn from you...

Micki zei

Emmy you are always doing such wonderful things. Love these and the bright colors.

Anoniem zei
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Laura Lea zei

Oh boy, I love BLUES and these little pieces with all the motion of embroidery emotion, it wonderful! Love the pockets window and of course, your sense of color! YOU have such a bright palette of colors that flow out of you. These gals will be very happy with their pages! Can't wait to see what you have in mind for Arlee's back page!

Bente zei

Hi Emmy, I'm visiting your blog at the same time that you are visiting my blog :-)
Thank you for your comment.

This journal pages is beautiful, I realy love them. I'm working hard with mine, I'm afraid it will be a lot of work in last minute.........

Kim zei

Wonderful Emmy. I love the free-motion work you've done and the fabric choices/colors are excellent!

shebaduhkitty zei

very cool!