zondag, november 12, 2006

Exiting Day

I went to the galerie today where my work wil be on exhibition
It is so exiting I did not now what to expect
The owner only saw my work on internet and I hade to pic the things to show

But is was very great she loved my work and she wanted every thing I took to show to her
And what a wonderful place I put her site in my links so you can see some photos

The exhibition starts at 24 november and find it al very exiting
I wil show many photos of the opening and the exhibition there wil be more artists showing there work

I let you in on the progres of it all

the site of the galerie

11 opmerkingen:

sue b zei

Wow Emmy! It looks like a wonderful place for an exhibition. How exciting for you!

Dianne zei

Emmy I am so happy for you!! You really deserve to have your art exhibited. Well done!! Please do keep us updated.

Maureen zei

I'm so happy and EXCITED for you!
What a wonderful looking gallery!Your artworks will look fantastic there..don't forget to share photos with us.

Tijm zei

Prachtige locatie om te mogen hangen!!!!
Wat geweldig!!!

By the moet je gaan nadenken over prijzen voor je werk (of ga je niet verkopen en alleen laten zien?).
Denk daar goed over na. De factor tijd magook mee genomen worden en ook de orginaliteit.
De maker is vaak geneigd te weinig voor zijn werk te vragen (is mijn ervaring)

AnneJeu zei

Proficiat Emmy, wat fijn voor je! De galerie ziet er ook goed uit.
Daar komt je werk beslist mooi uit!

Sarah zei

Congratulations! That's wonderful news - how exciting! Please share some more photos!

Bente zei

I'm happy for you Emmy. This is very exciting. I hope you will let us see some photos of your stuff at the exhibition

tararossstudios zei

How exciting, is this your first?


emmyschoonbeek zei

yes it is I have hade some work in France but this is diverent

Anoniem zei

Well done, you must be so excited and pleased. I hope it goes really really well.

quiltkunstquilt zei

Oh Emmy, I am so happy for you!!!
I hope, no, I know your work will be a hit!