maandag, december 04, 2006

Backside of Arlee,s page

I have made some pages now for the art journal swap, Anthology, but they are all front sides and I have to make a backside to ,when that is ready i can send them out .
I started on Arlee ,s page ,
hand deyed fabric for the background and some mull I deyed to On the first photo you can see that i made some flowers on top of the flowers are some other flower I wil embrioder this ones

the idea was to create dept in the page ,I dont now if it wil work but i try .
so on to the working place to add more embriodery and beading .

12 opmerkingen:

arlee zei

OOOOOOOOOOOO I like it! The greens remind me of kelp actually! Beautiful!

ACey zei

I got the ocean vibe from this piece, too. I love the color range as well as the interesting assortment of fabrics and techniques.

sue b zei

Gorgeous! Love it. So much texture and the colors are wonderful. Nicely done Emmy.

Sophie zei

I immediately saw the ocean and seaweed (kelp) too. It's great!!

Tijm zei

Zo mooi werk maak je!!!
Ik 'kwijl' helemaal bij het zien van de foto's: al die mooie tinten, al dat prachtige materiaal, al die mooie technieken voor texiele werkvormen!

Dianne zei

Arlee is a lucky girl! Just beautiful Cramzy!!

Anoniem zei

All your work is so colourful Emmy. Do you dye the fabric especially for the piece you are working on or have you got a great big pile of pre-dyed fabrics that you choose from?

Mary zei

hele mooie werkstukken maak je, elke keer weer wat anders, schitterend !!

Laura Lea zei

Oh, the sea, moving water, flow, growth in the sea! What a beautiful piece, we all saw some of the same imagery! Just gorgeous! Depth is hard to achieve for me, I think you can do it Cramzy off to a wonderful start... can't wait to see it all together....

emmyschoonbeek zei

thank you al so veru much for the nice comments

Berthi zei

Via de blog van Tijm heb ik al verschillende keren je blog bezocht. Je maakt schitterende, kleurrijke werken.
Mijn complimenten!

Joanna van zei

love all the colors and textures in your journal pages. Wonderful!