woensdag, december 13, 2006

Pages finished

this is the backside of the page for Laura Lee ,I wanted to make a sort of little bag to put a little book in .for the quote and some info .

so from layers of organza worked on whit the embellisher i made a sort of pigeon hole
and I must say I like it ......

I added some beads and made a little book

The last picture is from the finished page for Arlee

9 opmerkingen:

Dianne zei

Emmy, I love both of these pages. Absolutely beautiful work The colours and textures and designs are fabulous!!!

Anoniem zei

They are gorgeous! The first one has such an "under the sea" feel, all watery and full of movement, soft and serene. The one for Arlee is so cheerful, and I love the egg-like pocket.

Great stuff, emmy!

Mary zei

wat een geweldig samenspel van zoveel verschillende materialen !! en de organza ziet er ook zo mooi uit .........

Tijm zei

Ik moet toch maar eens langs komen om alles eens in het echt te zien !

Anoniem zei

Gorgeous as usual Emmy! Wonderful combinations of colors and textures, I love them all.

Laura Lea zei

I love my page Emmy, it is really so wonderful that little pigeon hole and book! I can't wait to see it in person! I love the colors! The Flow! Some see underwater and some see an angel. I love that about it! Being Pisces, it really fits me! Thanks so much! I got to look at your machine it is wonderful! A real workhorse huh? You really are so talented. I'll be so proud to have a piece of your artwork in my journal!

Anoniem zei

Fantastic pieces!!

Ali Honey zei

Emmy all your journal covers and pages are beautiful. You choose beautiful colours.

Micki zei

More beautiful work, Emmy.