vrijdag, december 08, 2006

book covers

Book cover one closed and one open .the bookcover are made for my journals .
the journals have a black cover and I made a fabric cover
handdeyed fabric the green one :snippits of fantasie fiber and angelina layerd whit organza ,
FME and I burnt a little of the organza .
The orange one : feathers and on top organza ..

11 opmerkingen:

sue b zei

gorgeous Emmy! I'm not usually drawn to oranges and yellows but I really like that one on the top. The green one is wonderful, love the colors in that one.

Anoniem zei

so beautiful! again! I'm so impressed by Your work each time I see it. You are fantastic, Emmy!

Tijm zei

Maar...........zit jij elke dag van 8 tot 8 achter de naaimachine?

Anoniem zei

You've done it again Emmy! That top one is gorgeous.

Anoniem zei

Emmy, these are gorgeous!

Micki zei

Love, love, love them, Emmy. You are such a talented person and do such wonderful work.

Kim zei

Simply luscious Emmy. Love the colors. Are they A4 size?

Mary zei

zijn ook al weer zo prachtig !!!

Dianne zei

Absolutely gorgeous!! Love them both.

Anoniem zei

these are so gorgeous, did you use the embellisher??? Jude xx

Laura Lea zei

Oh the green blue one simply sings, I love those colors and they resonate.... delicious food for the eyes!