zondag, december 24, 2006

eye of the soul

The proces is going on and I did some thing diverent ,,I never used paint in a quilt
but there must be a first time for everything ,,,
I think the background for more embriodery is good now
I used paint from dreamline I follow a workshop there ,
they sell wonderful paint for fabrick
Please feel free to comment it is my first time I use paint so I like some comment I can use

9 opmerkingen:

Judy Scott zei

The creation is amazing to see and your stitching is wonderful, I wondered if you are going to stitch along side the paint work. I love the Yin and Yang for the pupil ~ do you start work from a sketch book or staight from your head, brilliant. Jude xx

Mary zei

het oog wordt opdeze manier heel sprekend en evt kun je een paar lijntjes borduren ...........

Joanna van zei

This is really lovely Emmy. The "x's" in mulitple colors really look beautiful.


Kim zei

I think paint works well for adding additional texture and depth to a design. I use to have issues with how paints change the hand of the fabric but more and more I go for the visual not tactile experience with quilt art.

Helen Suzanne zei

wishing you a very happy yuletide/xmas and vitality and inspiration for all your creative endevours for 2007

Dianne zei

You have done a great job with the paint!! I just commented on it on FlickR.

Reny zei

Weer een nieuwe uitdaging: schilderen in een quilt. Het resultaat is heel bijzonder! Leuk is dat he je horizon verbreden.

Karen zei

I think you are going to love using fabric paints on your quilts! It is a wonderful way to add colors and patterns that might be impossible to find elsewhere. As for changing the hand of the fabric I find using paints made just for fabrics work exceptionally well when heat set leaving none of the stiffness associated with other kinds of paints. this quilt looks great so far!

ACey zei

Emmy, I think you are a natural for combining paint with your other talents. I love the way this page developed with both stitching and the paint.