woensdag, december 13, 2006


The book covers for my journals from the past are going very well I finished an other cover
And don,t they look great ????

7 opmerkingen:

Dianne zei

They look awesome!! Especially lined up on the shelf like that - I would just have to reach up and pull them down to look at!!!!

Anoniem zei

The book covers (and your other book pages, etc) are STUNNING! Great use of colour and texture :)

Mary zei

en het staat zo gezellig !!!

Anoniem zei

All your book covers are wonderful. Even on the shelf.

AnneJeu zei

Ik wil wel zo'n plankj vol!!

Anoniem zei

Your book covers are beautiful. I just want to touch them!

Sara zei

like this book very much! i use your blog to answer, because i don't find your email anywhere...
yes, it is too late for the 1"square swap but i'm going to begin a new swap with all that came too lake. please answer me to
if you want to participate!