woensdag, december 20, 2006

page for kim and kitty

this page is for kitty it is the backside
a little pocket for some info
It is not finished yet more beading and embriodery .
The page for Kim is the next picture
Here theme is the eye of the soul
when i was thinking about that I found a
qoute ,,,,,,,,,,
,,Imagination is the eye of the soul ,,
and that got me started

I have to do an other page
the one for Bente this keeps
me very busy .

I have an idea but I am not
sure howe to do it on fabric

So I wil embrioder and maybe
this wil give me more ideas

4 opmerkingen:

Tijm zei


Doet me denken aan de uitspraak van Einstein:
Logica brengt je van A naar B,
Verbeelding/Fantasie brengt je overal.

Dianne zei

The pages are wonderful! Your are very creative, and all of your pages have been fantastic eye candy!!

Kim zei

I'm excited! You have such a creative "eye" and I'm looking forward to seeing all the lovely pages!

ACey zei

all so wonderful