zaterdag, januari 13, 2007


These ATC are made from material i got from Aecy

I never seen it before but it is handdeyd wool
on felt and some organza

Handembrioderd and FME

The wool is very sparkling it is very nice

Romanse Valentine these are for a Valentine swap on Flickr

Not the color I like but it is fun to do someting else

8 opmerkingen:

Fiona zei

they're all lovely but I especially like the orange/blue ATCs, you've really enhanced the 'base' fabric with your stitching

Doreen G zei

I really like the orange ones the fabric is just beautiful

Dianne zei

Emmy, beautiful ATC's. All so different.

Mary zei

allemaal weer schitterend !!!!!

Shirley Goodwin zei

ooooh, lovely colours in those top ones, Emmy.

Micki zei

What you did with Acey's fabric looks terrific. The Valentine's are beautiful. You do such wonderful work.

Helen in the UK zei

What lovely work. Particulary like the ATCs at the top - your hand stitching has really enhanced the shapes :)

ACey zei

love that you used these things and all so beautifully.