donderdag, januari 18, 2007

Grutte Pier Bente,s page

This is the start of Bente,s page ,the story
is on my blog it is about Grutte Pier
This is the front of the page
I dyed the fabrick and layerd it on silk that I dyed to ,the moon is angelina fiber ,
The univers is the background the moon the dark sky whit some lights of stars and the moon
and the sword of Grutte Pier this is stil in a museum here in Friesland
Grutte Pier is gone but his story and his sword are stil very alive .
The page is stil in progres but I like to let you see what it wil be .

4 opmerkingen:

Frederique zei

What a onderful start! I will watch for the rest of this page!

Tijm zei

A stikje Frysk!

Dianne zei

This is looking wonderful. I have to go and find the story to read now!

MargaretR zei

This book page is going to be lovely Emmy.