zaterdag, januari 06, 2007

Donna per Donna

I just got the deadline for Donna per Donna (Woman for woman)

I made two cards and wil send them monday
then they wil be there in time .

more on QuiltArtLugano 2007
There is a link on my blog

8 opmerkingen:

StegArt zei

They are lovely Emmy!

Karen zei

I am amazed at how productive you are! These are wonderful. I love seeing all the different techniques you use. Fantistic!

Purple Missus zei

Wow - you're certainly into this blue & green theme. These are lovely.

Dianne zei

Fantastic cards Emmy - going to a great cause. Love the one on top - it actually looks like a breast - is it meant too?

Helen in the UK zei

Love these cards - great colours, great texture :)

Micki zei

Love the colors. They are great.

Paris Parfait zei

Absolutely beautiful art - love the colours!

MargaretR zei

I hope I can do this one day. the colours and textures are great.