Monday, January 01, 2007

First pages in 2007

More work done on this page it is almost finished,,

And I finished the backside to ,
Hand deyed fabrick layerd with organza ,and fantasie fiber,
FME and burnt it a little .
A little hand embriodery , some organza worked on whit the embellisher.
and I made a little poche ,, felt and on top some layers of fantasie fiber and organza
The tag in the poche is on the next photo.

Here I jused organza and fantasie fiber on felt
worked on with the embellisher

An other little tag ,fantasie fiber on felt and some beads


Kim said...

The page looks wonderful Emmy!!!!

Laura Lea said...

Oh this is wonderful! So glad I checked in to see it today! Gives me inspiration to continue on my journey with this theme.

Frederique said...

Your Eye of the soul is very beautiful, and I love the poche too!
Happy new year!

Tijm said...

Prachtig begin (letterlijk en figuurlijk) van 2007!
Fijn dat de foto's zo groot bekeken kunnen worden.

Mary said...

het ziet er allemaal heel mooi uit !! het oog is nog sprekender geworden ! ik vind je handborduursels heel mooi gedaan ...

Dianne said...

A feast for my poor, tired old eyes!! Beautiful!!

Berthi said...

Ik wens je veel inspiratie en creativiteit voor 2007!
De start is weer geweldig!

Purple Missus said...

Beautiful page Emmy. Your work just gets better & better.

StegArt said...

Love it all! I really like how you use color. I love color!

Shirley Goodwin said...

Lovely work as usual, Emmy.