vrijdag, januari 05, 2007

Page for Lynda

YEs I now you must think I am crazy and I am a little crazy
here is on other swap on Yahoo
There are 10 ladies and we are making 1 page for every lady over 10 months
so we and up whit 10 pages ,we hade to make the front cover first
and so we set the theme for the swap
This is the first page this one is for Lynda
I hope she likes the page

7 opmerkingen:

StegArt zei

Very beautiful Emmy!

Dianne zei

Another yummy piece of art from you Cramzy!

Kim zei

Black, white and red are so striking together. The composition work nicely - I really like how you managed to slip in the herringbone stitch!

Tijm zei

Leuk idee, wat veel werk,maar wat weer een mooi werk!

Mary zei

tjee Emmy, eet en slaap jij nog wel ?? zwart/wit/rood vind ik zelf ook en hele leuke combinatie. en deze page is ook schitterend!

Purple Missus zei

Emmy, I love it, and do you know what I love best, apart from the work you have put into it? the fact that you made it for ME!

Thank you so much Emmy, I look forward to receiving it.


Sarah zei

Emmy, what a fantastic piece! You go girl!