maandag, januari 22, 2007

colors of spring

I made these cards yesterday on the embellisher

It is a very soft winter here and I long for spring

so here are more spring colors.

merino wool and handdyed silk punched whit the embellisher

FME on cotton .

4 opmerkingen:

StegArt zei

Lovely Emmy!

Elizabeth zei

I love the way spring colors are captured in these cards.

Ginger zei

All I can say is WOW!!! I got an Expressions by Janome for Christmas and I have been having fun. You sure put me to shame. You inspire me so. I looked through your work back to November 8th and I am very impressed.

I am a doll maker and general crafter. Please visit my blog at or my Picture trail at

Love your work.

Dianne zei

Love these Emmy. They remind me of fields.