zondag, januari 28, 2007

From Lynda

This page is made by Lynda
We are in a swap and my theme is blue and green

This is the first page and it is a beauty
10 layers of diverent fabric and paper

The blue pieces on top that is the paper

On Lynda,s blog you can see the proces of the
making of the page

This is the Tag It is hand made paper

al so wonderful

Here is a detail of the page

In real it is so baeutiful

It is a shame you can,t see it as it realy is

Thank you very much Lynda

This is a fabric post card I made today ,I am working on the page for Sue b I wil let you see the page in February ,

6 opmerkingen:

Anna Nowicki zei

Emmy - your page for Sue B is great I love the colours you are using! This is the only way I can contact you as I do not have your email address (it's not on your blog) I have your snail mail add from the Fibreartfriends group (birthday list)- that's where I got your add from... you'll find mine there to swap the texture postcard from my blog. Anna Nowicki.

Tijm zei

Wat weer prachtig allemaal.

Ik hou me aanbevolen voor adressen met aparte eigen gesponnen garen.
Mail anders maar naar


StegArt zei

I love that page that Lynda made for you....that will be a tough act to follow for me. Lovely postcard!

Gunnels blog zei

Hi Emmy!
You have a new style on your blog I can see! Wonderful! All your work is lovely, as usaual! I don´t understand how much you are doing. So much energy you have!

Dianne zei

Great page from Lynda, love the tag too! Your postcard is luscious - love all the colours!!

Sue B zei

I'll bet that page in person is stunning. That postcard is beautiful. I can't wait to see the page your working on for me! And I love the new blog layout.