woensdag, januari 31, 2007

Look a little quilt

It is Raining and I need some materials ,I found a new store about 20 min from my house
so I went to buy the things I needed and some fabric .
And when I got home I made this quilt It is 60-60 cm .
I like it ,,
It was very easy to do
I say it is easy and it is
you pic 2 collors for the middle piece and a collor for the background
The middle piece is 45-45 cm iron the 2 pieces on (vliesofix) that is the paper whit the glue
Than whit the cuttry rottor cut it in lines out of hand no strait lines
and weave the two pieces of fabric so you get one piece .
cut out some pieces from the side and let them live a live out side the squer
Play whit it and look at it make it your quilt
put it on the background fabric and make a sandwich .
now you can sew the lines whit the silk stitsh maybe you find a new way .
Play have fun and plaese let me see your lovely work
If you have any question please aske
I hope this wil help you

9 opmerkingen:

Sarah zei

Emmy, I love it!

StegArt zei

It's fantastic. Love the colors you've used.

kay susan zei

I like it too. Lovely colours. It doesn't look easy!

Susan zei

What a darling quilt, and I love the pieces flying in or flying out, whichever. =)

Jo in NZ zei

What a fabulous little quilt. I agree, it doesn't look easy. How about a tutorial??

Vicki zei

What a great quilt! I'm with Jo, a tutorial would be excellent! Pleeeaaaassssseeee!

Sue B zei

Emmy I love it! It's awesome!

Dianne zei

What a wonderful quilt! Love the colours and the movement in it.

Françoise zei

This is brilliant, Emmy!