zaterdag, februari 24, 2007


I always save the stamps from other countrys
these are very beautiful I made some ATC
with them

Tyvek and organza and the stamps

I checked the comments you are al making on my blog and I must thank you al for the lovely comments on my work it makes me feel very good .
I was very surpriced about one comment that came from Kstyle she hase a slide show on here blog of my work .
plaese go and see this it looks so wonderful I think it is so nice she is showing my work
it makes me blush . Thanks Karen .
I visite Kstyle often. she shows lots of wonderful work of artists It is a lovely blog.

11 opmerkingen:

StegArt zei

I agree with you that stamps from other countries are wonderful. Lovely ATC's. And congratulations on being featured on K-Style.

Helen in the UK zei

Love the way you've used the organza on these ATCs. Particulary on card on the left where it appears to cradle the stamp :)

Sue B zei

Emmy these are beautiful!

Tijm zei

Bedankt voor d tip.Ik ga zeker kijken!
In deze is ook weer een plaatje!!

Jacquelines blog zei

Wat een mooie kleuren Emmy! Schitterend! Mooie combinatie...

Micki zei

These are wonderful, Emmy. What a great way to use these postage stamps which are little works of art.

jenclair zei

The slide show is terrific!

Also, I love stamps and have a bunch of old ones I bought at a flea market. Not sure where they are, but you've inspired me to look for them.

Dianne zei

These are beautiful ATC's, and the slide show of your work is wonderful!!

arlee zei

I've ben saving the stamps from our first trades waaaaaaaaaay back--great idea!
Gorgeous work as always, Emmy--yer the best!

Peggy zei

Its verry wonderfull, I like your work.

Gunnels blog zei

These ATC with the stamps are so wonderful! and congrats to the slideshow! What a blog, thanks for tips, I didn´t know about this!