vrijdag, februari 02, 2007

TAST chevron stitch

Embrioderd on black cotton ,the cotton is stempt on whit piant from dreamline
I made the stemp whit foam on a wooden block
I tryed to make a curve if you go very easy it wil work

8 opmerkingen:

Dianne zei

Another wonderful sample!! Your fabric is pretty cool.

Doreen G zei

this is stunning I love it

ACey zei

Emmy I love the threads you use so much!!!

Sue B zei

Nicely done Emmy. I love the background that you used.

Kim zei

Very striking, nice work Emmy.

MargaretR zei

Lovely sample Emmy.

Misa zei

Wow! That looks very beautiful.

Gunnels blog zei

I really like you backgroundfabrics Emmy! I think it´s much more fun to do the TAST with a nice fabric to stitch at!