woensdag, februari 28, 2007

wonderful wool

I love this wool the colors are so wonderful , I bought it from a lady that dyed it she hase a blog called
storm op zolder it is a lovely blog go and see this blog
I think this wil be a little bag
On the embellisher I felted the wool and than added embriodery

9 opmerkingen:

MargaretR zei

This is a wonderful piece of work Emmy. I look forward to seeing the bag you make with it.

Vicki W zei

This piece is just beautiful! How much fun to get a bag of lovely colors!

Micki zei

It will be a beautiful bag. Those are lovely colors.

shula zei


To everything.

Purple Missus zei

Ooh! Lovely colours Emmy and your piece of work is looking fantastic.

Dianne zei

Emmy, I'm just in awe of your wonderful pieces!! You are just so talented. This is another wonderful, original piece of fabric art!!

Judy Scott zei

I wow this is just so gorgeous and so rich ~ these embellishers are so amazing but you work it really well, Jude x

Gunnels blog zei

Wonderful! Lovely piece, it will be a lovely bag!
I am waiting so for my embellisher.............then you have to give me some good tips!

Jacquelines blog zei

wat heb je er weer iets moois van gemaakt en wat een mooie kleuren, ik ga gauw eens kijken op haar blog, misschien inspireerd me dat om mijn embellisher weer eens te pakken..