zondag, februari 25, 2007

Silk thread I dyed

I dyed some silk thread .
The silk thread was first dyed and than i wrapped it in folie
the one you put one a sandwich
Than in the microwave and look I got handdyed silk thread
The colors are very lovely I am very pleased with it .
Now I can go on with the embriodery .
I just visited creaworx blog and she is painting silk also take a look at her blog

11 opmerkingen:

Karin Hammel zei

Oh, they look great! Isn´t it easy to do?

Shirley zei

Yummy, Emmy! Sounds like the way I dye wool.

Tijm zei

Ik moet toch maar eens langs komen om de kunst af te kijken van het verven.

Gunnels blog zei

These are beautiful, Emmy! It´s so fun to dye!

StegArt zei

Yummy colors!

Doreen G zei

I love these threads Emmy.
It is nice when you can colour your own.

ACey zei

oooooo the green & purple!!!!!!

Dianne zei

Nice colours Emmy - sounds like fun!!

Beate zei

Yummy colors! I'll try it too

Judy Scott zei

Beautiful colours I will learn to dye one day!! Jude x

serajah zei