Friday, February 09, 2007

TAST, Algerian Eye Stitch and Postcard

An other week past by and this week we did the Algerian Eye stitch

I deyed the background first and than added the stitch

It is a little pieces I did not have much time but it is done

From the little pieces I made for the needlefelt challenge
I made this card

I like the looks of the felt and the Lamifix


Vicki W said...

Love the postcard!

Doreen G said...

I love your sample of Algerian Eye stitch and how clever to paint the background.

Mary said...

weer mooie werkstukken !! lamifix is toch wat je gebruikt om bv placemats te lamineren ??

Dianne said...

The sample looks so lovely! The postcard has a wonderful shine to it - I'm going to have to try that lamifix.

jackie said...

It makes such a differenc to dye the background doesn't it. What is Lamifix?

Kim said...

I agree, very clever dyeing the background cloth. Lamifix?

Carol said...

Love the dyed background to your sample, Lamifix? what is this? please

Susan said...

The card is really interesting! I love that it's from little pieces of other things, or did I misunderstand? It kind of has an angel look to it.

The TAST piece looks very interesting, with the different colors of thread and the different designs of each one.