maandag, februari 19, 2007


work is keeping me very busy I have not much time for textile work ,But I have made some little pieces with tyvek .
The first photo is painted tyvek ,I layerd it with organza , punched it together with the embellisher ,and heated it with the iron .
I punched some wool on top .

the second photo is Tyvek and dyed veil it is FME and theated with an irion ,some wool added

the third photo is tyvek and organza FME and heated with an irion

I never used tyvek like this before I like the result ,

13 opmerkingen:

Micki zei

They all look very interesting.

Purple Missus zei

I like your results too, especially the first one. That technique has great possibilities.

Sue B zei

Great results Emmy. Really like that first one.

kay susan zei

I especially like the effect you got on the last sample.

Gunnels blog zei

I like what I see! And so lovely colours! And good texture!

Thanks for your nice comment at my blog, I will send you a card when it´s print!

Doreen G zei

I like what you have done with all these Emmy --Tyvek is a great product.

Bente zei

This looks great Emmy, Tyvek is very fun to use, and you has got so wonderful, different pieces. Lovely :-)

MargaretR zei

Lovely work with the tyvek Emmy and I just love the colours in the first sample. I must get my Tyvek out and have a go with the embellisher.

StegArt zei

Very fun. My favorite is the middle one...I'm thinking it's the swirls that are grabbing me.

Susan zei

Tyvek? Like mailing envelopes from the post office? Too cool! They look much better now that you *fixed* them!

Dianne zei

These are great Emmy. I never thought of needle punching tyvek. Love the 3rd sample with the grid work.

Alis zei

I have only played with Tyvek once so you have inspired me to have another go now.
Hugs, Alis

sammy zei

I have spent a hour last night and now into a hour this morning going back thru the amazing blog... Your stitching is so awesome! so detailed and free! I was surprised to read the middle piece was painted tyke and on the other picture of this you did lots of fly stitches... was it hard to sew thru? Your amazing lady!!!