zondag, februari 04, 2007


Made this Box I foud it on Stitch Projects
there are 2 more boxes made one by Kay susan and one by Arlee
It is so nice to see the diverent styles
you must go and see this wonderful boxes
My inspiration on this is ,Hunterdwasser,

10 opmerkingen:

kay susan zei

Emmy, that's lovely. You made it more abstract and I do like your bright colours. Nice work! Did you see what Arlee did here:

Vicki zei

Very cool! I really like your interpretation of the pattern.

StegArt zei

Great box Emmy. I like your use of vivid colors.

Micki zei

It's really great, nice bright colors.

Sue B zei

nicely done Emmy - great colors and I love that big wooden bead at the top.

Kim zei

Nicely done Emmy. (Was just commenting on Arlee's blog that I guess it time to make one of these!)

Tijm zei

Erg leuk en inspirerend!!!!

jackie zei

Thanks for the link. I like your version. Janet Edmunds was my tutor once upon a time; I remember the little padded flower shapes.

Dianne zei

It's fantastic!! Beautiful, bright colours.

Karen zei

Lovely! A real jewel of a box!