maandag, maart 20, 2006

Front page in progres

Roads to the hole mistery roads I make by jusing tule and the normale road cotton fabric and hand embrioder ,The title is also hand embrioderdI will add more embriodery and beads,
I also took an other collor in the hole I like this collor better,

vrijdag, maart 17, 2006

front page

The front page of the fabric art journal

here is where I stared whit my pages , It is a hole in a wall of flowers,

I go in to A world of wonders , my dreams ,


Fabric postcard needle felted hand and machine embrioderd beads and some angelina fiber
more movement and action

woensdag, maart 15, 2006

fabric post card

Fabric post card needle felting machine embriodery and angelina fiber ,

inspire me Thursday

Sense-Less Art
water soluble wax crayons are new to me ,not to think about the figures also new to me ,
just pic up the colors ,
I loved to do it ,
everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense,
so here is sense-less Art


Originally uploaded by wacipime.
postcard I send to wacipime,
Needle felted ,

dinsdag, maart 14, 2006

in progres

I added more collor next step wil be machine embriodery ,and some hand embriodery also ,

some beads to. I am not so happy whit it but I think it wil turn out oke ,

vrijdag, maart 10, 2006


got some water soluble colors and I started to play a bit I want to make a little quilt of it .
first I let it dry then add some more collor .Flowres ore something els ??? just a try.

dinsdag, maart 07, 2006

zondag, maart 05, 2006

All that Jazz

All that Jazz
Originally uploaded by cramzy.
the block in the quilt in detail

All That Jazz

All That Jazz
Originally uploaded by Zannie.
This is the first of 3 All that Jazz Quilts, made from donated blocks, to be auctioned on Ebay with the proceeds to go to Katrina Hurricane Recovery.

See the individaul blocks at
See How the quilt was constructed on my Blog

All that Jazz hurricane quilts

All that jazz hurricane quilts was setup by Sharon b, on her weblog you can see more . And you can see the blocks of particepants .

This is the second crazy quilt Annie made of the blocks
we have send .I think it is so wonderful .Annie hase done a great job, Thank you Annie.
On her site you can see how see hase done it all .

In this quilt is my block to, the last rowe and then the middle block I made that one. !!!!!!
the quilts wil be sold on Ebay , Al details you can finde on the weblog by Sharon b, in a minute ago,

zaterdag, maart 04, 2006

Page 6

not yet done ,backgroud is needle felted ,
aded some angelina fiber snippets of organza and tule.
Machine embroiderd ,and a needle felted bird over the top .
I think it needs some more ,


Beautiful white rozes
I tryed to make a beautiful picture of them .