maandag, april 30, 2007

Alterd Books

cover of a journal for my doodles ,an embrioderd piece on the cover ,and then I painted it with acryl paint ,it hase to dry before I can work on it a little more.

This is for a swap for Fiber Art Friends to make a box from a book ,I could not get started I found it very strange to cut in a book .
but I am going now and it is very great and I get many Ideas , I am using paper ,paint ,fabric and fibers ,baeds . This one hase to dry also than I can add more

zondag, april 29, 2007

postcards ATC,s and TAST

These brithday cards are from Kim (the daisy) Terri (the circles) and the last one is from Elaine
I love them all so much thank you ladies

The ATC,s are from Ati that is the one above the one whit the tree comes from Muriel
and the last one comes from Fabienne
Thank you al I love them

And then my TAST for this week the running stitch ,I am working with the pregnant women here I added some machine embriodery to

zaterdag, april 21, 2007


Dianne has tagged me for the thinker blogger ,Thank you for this Dianne ,but it made me Think
there are so many blogs and I read also many blogs some for the inspiration some just for fun and some for the wonderful words ,
and I have to pic 5 blogs now and that is not easy , but here we go

Dijanne Cevaal ,, for here wonderful work and here stories about here travels

Sharon B ,, she makes her blog very special I visite her blog every day

Arlee ,, A internet Friend from the first day a great artist and great Humor

Rene ,, I dont no here blog very long but it is very addictiv she hase great tutoriuls

there are many more I see every day ,,Dianne ,Sue b, Jacqueline, Heidi

I love blogging

TAST and ATC,s

some ATC,s these are for trade so if anyone is interested please let me now .
and the TAST I am a bit behind so here are 2 stitches and I think i have one more to go this week ,but 2 days workshop and the other days I had to work there was not much time left

vrijdag, april 20, 2007

more presents al from Dianne

A wonderful felted flower from my dear friend from Oz she makes realy wonderful things

yes this is also from Dianne she made it on a course given by Sue b on joggles
it is so lovely

and this wonderful birthday day card the colors are so lovely thank you dianne

And this is the page Dianne made for me for the FAF swap I am A very happy girl it is al so wonderful you are a great artist Dianne I love getting art from you
and this time it is so much thank you .

A lot of Presents

so many birthday cards and a lovely ATC from Molly
lets stard at the top a lovely card from Carol , teh second picture the padfolio is from Linda a real little wonder ,the green card with the lovely flower is from Micki and the other card is from Franciose thank you so much ladies for al your lovely pieces of art

maandag, april 16, 2007

More lovely ATC,s and a card

The lovely ATC,s are from Dotee and Heidi and the birthday card is from Anna,thank you al for these wonderful cards .
and more lovely things to come ,tomorow i go to a 2 days workshop given by Dijaan Cevaal
2 days no work just play,, lucky me .

woensdag, april 11, 2007

A bigger project

I am working on a bigger project a quilt about 70-100 cm .
the green fabric is painted by Dijaan Cevaal the other collors I dyed .
It is on my mind for a long time but I could not get it going .
over and over again I was starting and put it away but I think this is it there is a begining .
There wil be a lot on FME and I think also hand embriodry, Maybe more color I dont no yet.
I wil keep you informed .
The 2 purple bands have also needle felted curves ,and I am thinking on more needle felting in this quilt

dinsdag, april 10, 2007

Birthday Postcard

Yes here are the first birthday postcards I recieved
My birthday 4-4-1952
Yes 55 years
and I got some wonderful cards from my FAF friends
the left one from Helen Baily,in the middle from Sue Bleiweiss,and one from Margaret .
thank you for the wonderful cards ,

zondag, april 08, 2007

book and purse for gameboy

here is a little present for a friend I get cards in return she makes wonderful cards ,
the purse is for here gameboy and the book for the games,

dinsdag, april 03, 2007


The first one is for a friend the second one I got from that friend and the green one wel I dont no yet ,
The friend is Barbara I just found her blog
you must go and see here wonderful work

maandag, april 02, 2007

journal page for Dianne

April and my FAF partner is Dianne ,here theme is Art Nouveau,
The Spirit of the rose,, made about 1900-1905 ,by Frances Macdonalds MacNair
That is my insperation ,
I deyd al sorts of fabric in one color and the fabric got al a different color,
I layerd it and embrioderd the Rose and some beads ,
the Tag is also embrioderd the letter D for Dianne
I hope she likes it