woensdag, maart 31, 2010

Batic from Indonesia

I got lots of authentic batik fabrics from Indonesia
they were from a lady how past away  here daughter is   gave me these beautiful fabrics
I cant stop looking they are awesome
 I am a very happy girl

zondag, maart 28, 2010

garen boekje,,,, folded book,,,,

I got some questions about the book here are more pictures to let you see inside the compartments
there are 11 compartments  so lots of little secrets to carry with you

I am collaring the book to give it a special  look

a beautiful day

the woman in the Dong villages making these  books for there embroidery yarn needles and so
they make the paper from leaves and grass  the fabric is also made by the woman and dyed with indigo

 and yesterday I went to a workshop to make my own  garenboekje
a wonderful day and I am very pleased with my book

vrijdag, maart 26, 2010

it is growing

more added to my friendschip quilt
the next step is stitching
the quilt is growing just like the friendschip

zondag, maart 21, 2010

week 3 for TAST 2

the beaded hedebo edge
the stitch for TAST 2
if you like to see howe the stitch is done go here
thanks to Sharon b a great blog

zaterdag, maart 20, 2010

zaterdag, maart 13, 2010


TAST 2 there are 2 stitches already diamond stitch and the knotted loop stitch 
I am working on silk punched on organza 
the embroidery yarn is a perle  and hand deyd 
If you like to join and look how the stitches are done go and visite Sharon b

zaterdag, maart 06, 2010

little quilt

we visited Ireland last year I was impressed by the beautiful landscape
it reminded me of a quilt
I wanted to keep the memories in this little quilt

maandag, maart 01, 2010


For the artquilt group TeXplosions we have a new challenge ,,City,,and the first idea  was, graffiti on an old wall
This piece of fabric was just right for the old wall ,I dyed it some time ago
I added the window and the steps now I have to make graffiti on the wall
never done that before ,,,,,