vrijdag, november 27, 2009

lovely day,s

A couple of days with friends in Noordwijk
I hade a great time and the first day I was walking and here he/she was looking at me.
a beautiful fox

Hippie Embroidery

here is a great article abouth hippie embroidery by Arlee Barr
and a picture of my work is in this article,,,,,,

maandag, november 23, 2009

My creation

My creation
Originally uploaded by cramzy

on flickr what people find interesting and howe my work evolved

zondag, november 22, 2009

from drawing to cloth

the drawing I made wil be the stard of an other project
I made sample to see if it wil work
I am not so pleased with the color so there wil be an other sample

zaterdag, november 21, 2009

many little stitches

I started this and I will have to do so many stitches
I have to do some every day to get this done
just stitch

donderdag, november 19, 2009

the little giant of Aberdeen county

if you like to reed and if you like quilts, slow cloth ,
then you must reed this beautiful book

zaterdag, november 14, 2009

Pick up the pieces

all pieces put together
worked on the embellisher
ideas comming to live

woensdag, november 11, 2009


just a little drawing thinking abouth a design
not sure what I want
in time it wil come

zondag, november 08, 2009


There is not much to show and not much to say
I introduce you my new Friend
I found here in a little shop and I took here home
I love here

zondag, november 01, 2009

feel like felting

November is here it is raining and a strong wind is blowing

and the feeling of warm felt is lovely

I got some lovely pieces of felt from

Yvette and an invitation here

so you see it is a bag to be