zondag, februari 27, 2011

Late update

Two of my grandchildren were here for the weekend
Playing games telling stories  much activity
lots of fun ,
In the little time I had left I made 4 klosjes  

I also  had time to stitch some stitches on the Labyrint
finished the second sock for the doll  

here feet are warm ,,,,
The rest will come in time .

oant sjen

zaterdag, februari 19, 2011


Saturday and not 1 klosje done this week ,,,
The Labyrinth needed attention

making the edge of the forest quilt
totally different than my first idea
I do that very often
Idea,s come and go

 there is the snowmen quilt
the same here the idea came in a flash
maybe next week on saturdayI have some klosjes done

Have a nice day
enjoy the weekend

oant sjen

vrijdag, februari 18, 2011

That's Amore - Dean Martin

the full moon was so beautiful last night

and as always it reminds me of this song

maandag, februari 14, 2011

little by little

working on the snowmen quilt this weekend
weaving and basting and this is the result
the quilt is 115 - 120 cm  and the intention is not to hang  it
but to use it as a warm quilt , snowmen to keep you warm ,

zondag, februari 13, 2011

How a plan can change

Yesterday  when I was stitching the klosjes and a little embroidery on Labyrinth  ,,there is was,, The Idea for the snowmen quilt.

weaving snow and a sky
A complete different quilt .
changes for the best


Change not mean perfect,
Change just change.
Not a perfect, there is,
But always a change.
After change, after change,
Too, also back from change.
Few a change
From the past,
And also, new change, vast.
From change, gets back-changed,
Reminding future a past.
Back-change, unvast past,
Future change, full of vast.

Deepta Protik Osman

oant sjen

zaterdag, februari 12, 2011

Weekend ,,,,,,,,,

this week 8 klosjes and today I cut 11 klosjes
hope to finish these 11 this weekend

It is very cold a great day to sit inside and stitch

There is also a sock to knit and a dress to make

The Labyrinth quilt needs more embroidery and stitching
My weekend is gone before I know it

oant sjen

woensdag, februari 09, 2011


working on Labyrinth the quilt for the challenge with 4 girls Willy Sandra and a guest Tineke 
There is some time to finish we have a data in march .

For the quilt I used hand dyed fabric, scrim,Paint sticks,quilting by machine and embroidery
The Embroidery is not finished


This is a smaller piece I am working on for the course with Jude

In my eyes of heart
In my heart of eyes
Magical moon had lit
Many stars smiled
Over my clouded heart

On my drums of heart
On my heart of drums
Songs played magically
Music oozed slowly
Over my beat less heart

To my dreams of heart
To my heart of dreams
Life roused freshly
Smile smiled smilingly
On dry lips of my heart

For my life of heart
For my heart of life
Colors faded naturally
Season changed timely
For me to be my part

Kranthi Pothineni

zaterdag, februari 05, 2011


Saterday again ,the update for the klosjes quilt
It is a very old patron from Holland ,but according  to this comment from Karoda
,,,,that pattern was my great grandmother's favorite to make. love the contemporary colours.,,,,,
It seems it is from around the world
Thanks Karoda  for the lovely comment ,,,

I can see why,,,  you can use all the little old fabrics you have
and it turns out very nice
 for the record I have 50 klosjes at this moment