donderdag, januari 29, 2009

stitches and flowers

flowers for the feeling of spring I long for spring maybe that is way I use these colors for the stitching
more stitches for time and there wil be so much more to do.

Sharon is now started to documenting a crazy quilt detail by detail, and posting about it on this blog every second day.
If you are interested in hand embroidery look at here work it is so wonderful

maandag, januari 26, 2009


To live
is so startling
it leaves
little time
for anything else

quote by Emily Dickinson

zaterdag, januari 24, 2009

blue quilt

here you can see a lovely tutorial
yes an other quilt this one for my grandson
he wanted this colors
hope he likes it

vrijdag, januari 23, 2009

older sampler

an older sampler from the time I did the course Develop a Personal Library of Stitches
A realy great course I use it a lot ,
this sampler is now part of the one I started 2 weeks ago

dinsdag, januari 20, 2009

Crazy quilt

Details of a piece I am working on crazy quilt is a part of this project in time you see more

maandag, januari 19, 2009

My Dream and sampler

for my dream quilt a little smiley maybe I wil ad more, this is al becouse I am thinking heads for the E C challenge .
noting to show only thinking about it

more embroidery chicken scratch al going on at the blog of Sharon b

donderdag, januari 15, 2009


I made 2 quilts , Storm and , after the storm and Maby I make an other one ,before the storm wel at this moment these are finished and I have so much more I have to do . When I do I let you see it .

Dutch Bag Ladies

After a very lovely day with the DBL here the new challenge , TIME ,
Sandra spoiled us with lovely food
there was a new memeber Wietske Kluck
and we showed the storm quilts
beautiful quilts and much to talk about a great day

maandag, januari 12, 2009

more embroidery

I started a sampler for more stitches and my quilt, my dream ,is going very wel
also many more stitches on the quilt
just to let you know I am still here

woensdag, januari 07, 2009

Cyber Fyber

the postcard I send for Cyber Fyber you can comment on it it is nr 57
there are some beautiful postcards here you can see the postcards

The Hall were work is hanging and also my pieces

next to the ladie with the bird you see my work
on the left you see work of Ebony next to here work is work from Wanda
then work of Arlee and the 3 next pieces are from Linda Monk
it is al so exciting
and Susan she is amazing she made it al come true
click on the picture to see the lager picture

zaterdag, januari 03, 2009

Exquisite Corps Textile

no pictures today blogger hase the hickups here and wil not let me upload pictures wel what can I do ,,,,,,,,,,,,, #%&^*&$#@,,,,,,,

The third Exquisite Corps Textile Project Round Robin
the deadline for sign up is 15 jan
For more info go and see the blog of Arlee she is the master of this project

The first one I was in the second one I was not but I want to play again
so this time I am in again

If you want you can still join in .

I hope to upload pictures next time ,,,,,,

donderdag, januari 01, 2009

for Corryna ,,,,,,,,,,, here is the inside of the box

and yes it is a wonderful course I have learned a lot and there wil be much more to learn

as you see the box and the roof can lay flat and can contain much sewing materials


her is my first assessment piece for C&G and the inspiration for the box
a building made by Gaudy

A box for sewing materials my owen design

I can now go on with the next assessment piece there is still much to do and I want to get it all done this year

There are more things I want to do so you see a new year and a new challenge to get al things done