zondag, februari 28, 2010

warm and cosy

they are watching me while I am stitching
warm and cosy
on a rainy day

vrijdag, februari 26, 2010

story of friendschip


little felted pieces added to the friendschip quilt 
like steps we take ,to inspire  every time we meet

zondag, februari 21, 2010

vrijdag, februari 19, 2010

vrijdag, februari 12, 2010

My Dad made this box

this little box was made by my dad
I have it for a long time ,my dad died when he was 56
I always loved this little box
,but now,,,,,I signed up for a lino cut course
and today I was trying to do a little lino cutting
It did not go so well ,
Do you know now why I am showing this wooden box,

I know,

donderdag, februari 11, 2010

winter 2010

The Birds are hungry
In my garden today
A buizerd ,,Buzzard,,

woensdag, februari 10, 2010

winter 2010

Today it is snowing again
I had to go to Barneveld
A drive for 2 houres
the drive home was like this
I am glad to be home save
there were many accidents

vrijdag, februari 05, 2010

hand stitching

for my C&G  I am making a cushion
  these cords felt covered with cloth
stitched by hand

donderdag, februari 04, 2010


Yesterday we had a meeting with the quilt group I belong to
The finished quilts were showed  and there was a new challenge
We al came to Assen this time the weather was not so good snow  and ice on the road
But at last we were complete
A great day with good food , lots to see and lots to talk abouth .
the first picutere is the new challenge  ,,the city,,
and the second picture is my,almost, finished quilt ,Woman,
more quilt from the other lady,s  on TeXplosions
in time.