woensdag, februari 28, 2007

wonderful wool

I love this wool the colors are so wonderful , I bought it from a lady that dyed it she hase a blog called
storm op zolder it is a lovely blog go and see this blog
I think this wil be a little bag
On the embellisher I felted the wool and than added embriodery

zondag, februari 25, 2007

Silk thread I dyed

I dyed some silk thread .
The silk thread was first dyed and than i wrapped it in folie
the one you put one a sandwich
Than in the microwave and look I got handdyed silk thread
The colors are very lovely I am very pleased with it .
Now I can go on with the embriodery .
I just visited creaworx blog and she is painting silk also take a look at her blog

zaterdag, februari 24, 2007


I always save the stamps from other countrys
these are very beautiful I made some ATC
with them

Tyvek and organza and the stamps

I checked the comments you are al making on my blog and I must thank you al for the lovely comments on my work it makes me feel very good .
I was very surpriced about one comment that came from Kstyle she hase a slide show on here blog of my work .
plaese go and see this it looks so wonderful I think it is so nice she is showing my work
it makes me blush . Thanks Karen .
I visite Kstyle often. she shows lots of wonderful work of artists It is a lovely blog.

woensdag, februari 21, 2007

TAST Fly Stitch

This week the Fly stitch ,on the Tyvek piece with the wool I added the Fly stitch
It is embrioderd with DMC perle .

Embriodery class

The online Class at joggles ,a Personal Library of Stitches with Sharon B started yesterday and I am joining that class ,
For a long time I wanted to do this and now I am in .
I love embriodery and use it a lot in my work, and when i see the work of Sharon B ,I always think , there is more to learn .

I hope I can let you see the results of my progres .

maandag, februari 19, 2007


work is keeping me very busy I have not much time for textile work ,But I have made some little pieces with tyvek .
The first photo is painted tyvek ,I layerd it with organza , punched it together with the embellisher ,and heated it with the iron .
I punched some wool on top .

the second photo is Tyvek and dyed veil it is FME and theated with an irion ,some wool added

the third photo is tyvek and organza FME and heated with an irion

I never used tyvek like this before I like the result ,

donderdag, februari 15, 2007


This week for TAST the Feather stitch

I love this stitch I have used it a lot and this week I made some felt on the embellisher

first the middle piece ,red and purple wool and the dots are little pieces of dyed silk .

I made an other piece of felt ,red some blue and green .behind the middle piece is some dyed scrim

with DMC I embrioderd the feather stitch

The piece is 18-18 cm .

maandag, februari 12, 2007

Playing with the Embellisher

some left overs and wool are in this purple piece
I think it is not finished yet

I dont now what, but I wil add hand ore machine embriodery to this piece .

al left overs are in this piece the more leftovers the more texture and that was the meaning of this piece

I also added some machine stitching
And look there are more working with left overs
go and see it on Dale,s blog

zondag, februari 11, 2007

FAF page for Sue

On color palet that is the theme for Sue b here fabrick page

I made it in orange the background cotton is handdyed and on top is organza

The organza is worked on with the embellisher
I added beads and hand embriodery

Nature of Orange: As a warm color orange is a stimulant — stimulating the emotions and even the appetite.

The tag is made of wool and organza

It was lovely to work on this page I send it to Sue before I let you al see it so it was a surprise for here ,

vrijdag, februari 09, 2007

TAST, Algerian Eye Stitch and Postcard

An other week past by and this week we did the Algerian Eye stitch

I deyed the background first and than added the stitch

It is a little pieces I did not have much time but it is done

From the little pieces I made for the needlefelt challenge
I made this card

I like the looks of the felt and the Lamifix

woensdag, februari 07, 2007


Here are some other colors I made a postcard with the lamifix
I added some hand embriodery ,it is very soft ,

Different Backing

The challenge on the embellisher for this week is different Backing .
you can see al the details on Nuvovelt

I tryed some things I have never used befor
but I was not happy with the result

And today I was shopping for an other challenge
I have to make a tranperant quilt

And I found ,Lamifix, you can irion it on fabric it is plastic and it stays transparent

So it is useful for me

Playing and looking for more Ideas I just added some wool and some silk on the Lamifix and run it under the embellisher
what you see is the backside it is very soft and
the plastic gifs it a nice shine

I am very pleased with the result
I dont no if I can use it on the other challenge
but this is very nice

zondag, februari 04, 2007


Made this Box I foud it on Stitch Projects
there are 2 more boxes made one by Kay susan and one by Arlee
It is so nice to see the diverent styles
you must go and see this wonderful boxes
My inspiration on this is ,Hunterdwasser,

vrijdag, februari 02, 2007

TAST chevron stitch

Embrioderd on black cotton ,the cotton is stempt on whit piant from dreamline
I made the stemp whit foam on a wooden block
I tryed to make a curve if you go very easy it wil work


Anna made this wonderful card I got it from here
in return I send here a card I made .
I am very happy whit this card

This card is from Lynda I recieved it some weeks ago .
it is a wonderful card
Thank you very much for the cards

donderdag, februari 01, 2007


I am in to an other swap I have to make a padfolio ,and yesterday I did the tutorial
I thank you all for the great response on that and I like to see what you are making of it .

But I got the idea for the padfolio yesterday and here it is ,for a try out I think it is oke
Sue b Thanks for this ,you have to look at here wonderful work on here blog