vrijdag, december 23, 2016

Silently stitching

 Yes it is still silent in the house
preparing for Christmas
 And some stitching on the quilt 
Foep designed by

 you can find al about this lovely quilt
on her blog here
But be careful it is an  addiction

 But than again quilting does
that to you
I wish you all a lovely Christmas

zondag, december 18, 2016

Yesterday a Foep day

some days have a silver lining
Yesterday was that kind of day 
It was Foep day 

A Day full of surprises
very nice people and good food

And most of all Inspiration
When I came home my had was full of ideas
I just hade to go upstairs to go and find al the goodies

little boxes and baskets
all the lovely lace my mother made
very old bed linen I discovered on a market in Italia 

of course with a little help from my friend
birds and eggs in a had with lace 

New ideas and old ideas
 the old ideas pup up in my had again
I cant stop have to go and make more

zondag, december 11, 2016

lovely Sunday

Rain on the green grass,
And rain on the tree,

And rain on the house top,
But not on me!