zaterdag, januari 29, 2011


so cute so easy just for fun  I found it here 
how to make it 
and the article from Arlee
on this site

klosjes quilt

the bad thing about the klosjes quilt is the drawing of the klosjes
The sewing is fun sitting relaxed stitching by hand
I admire those that finished the quilt I am still not sure if I get there
 slowly going and thinking about a new quilt
and there are quilts I have to finish
never a doll moment

have a beautiful day
oant sjen

donderdag, januari 27, 2011

be proud of

The finished quilt
the work done
I got the assessment from Marie Roper my Tutor
and I am very pleased with it
the C&G course level 3 is done

zondag, januari 23, 2011

and on we go

The pillow  is done now I can go on with the next project
I am the last to post the first pictures of the challenge

Labyrint ,,

A detail of the quilt to be
As this is my idea for the theme I have the hardest time  to get started
and of course the other quilt was in the way
never the less it is on it,s way
here you can reed more about this challenge

oant sjen

zaterdag, januari 22, 2011


crazy quilting in white

The embroidery also will be in white

The cushion for the fairytail quilt
it is about ,,the princes and the pea,,
the quilt is 77cm by 145 cm
it is the last assignment for the C&G course
sometimes I have trouble finishing things
I always like to start new things
thats my shortcoming


vrijdag, januari 21, 2011


A Beautiful Smile

A beautiful smile
falls 'cross your face
When you are happy
or full of grace.

A beautiful smile
fills your eyes,
When you're contented
 or surprised.

A beautiful magic
attends your soul,
When you have spoken
 of love untold.

woensdag, januari 19, 2011

Have patience

she want to get dressed , yes I know
Have patience first I want to take a walk
outside the sun is shining

this is my day of
time for myself
when I am back I make you a dress

ooo I forgot to say
I found her in this little shop

oant sjen

zondag, januari 16, 2011

Finishing Touch

The backside of the fairy tail quilt
the finishing touch
just a couple of stitches before we go and take a walk
after days of rain the sun is shining
it looks a bit like spring
have a nice Sunday

oant sjen

zaterdag, januari 15, 2011

Cat poem

I love my cat
my cat loves me
This we all agree
When I am alone
She keeps me company

Her fur is soft as down
She cuddles next to me
Purrs when she is happy
and loves to play with me
I would be lost without my cat
My cat would be lost without me

written by: verna ralph

woensdag, januari 12, 2011

rainy day

it is grey and rainy day .
a great day to make it cosy inside
fresh flowers a pot of tea some cookies and of course
needles and threads.
No work today just enjoying this rainy day
the snow man quilt and the forest quilt  are at my side
to play with

  and my little friend is helping me
 always on my side telling me her little stories
and I understand
she loves these rainy days when I am just sitting there and stitch
so peaceful so relaxed
so you see it is a lovely rainy day
hope you have a good day to

oant sjen

dinsdag, januari 11, 2011

hello hello new bloggers and friends

 welkome  to a new blog
go see it is a great artist 

and to the new people  to follow me l ove to see you here
thank you so much

oant sjen

zondag, januari 09, 2011

Addiction ?

I have an affliction
Or is it an addiction?
It really is hard to say.

I wake up each morning,
Sleepy and yawning,
Not ready to face the day.

All night I've thought of plans,
New patterns, designs and bands,
Until I have lost my way.

Each quilt I see
Looks good to me.
I'll make it, come what may.

The more I learn,
The more I yearn
To make a quilt that's gay.

With swatches galore
I still want more!
But somebody's got to pay!

Yes, it is an addiction,
Not an affliction,
And I know it is here to stay!

woensdag, januari 05, 2011

home alone

 home alone after , a lovely afternoon at the quiltkabinet 
meeting new people, that is always nice 
talking and drinking tea and of course some work done
I could not resist these beautiful fabrics so I took them home
maybe a quilt for my daugther she does not have one for herself


zondag, januari 02, 2011

fairytail quilt

Jude gave me the advice just keep going
yes I will do just that
If you start quilting  your quilt comes alive
I read it somewhere can not  remember were
but it is true

Do it now,,,,,,,,,,

I have to get this done
But I don't know how to finish 

zaterdag, januari 01, 2011


 these little mountains of snow
they become little snowmen
give them a face
embroidery added
Imagine that