zondag, november 30, 2008

After the storm

The challenge for the Dutch Bag Ladies is ,storm , the first one is done and here is the second one .
still in progres ,,,
the sillents after the storm

Stellar a nebula

the challenge of Around the world in 20 quilts this time was Stellar
and it is 30 november so we can show it now
There are very lovely quilts so visite the blog and enjoy

vrijdag, november 28, 2008

vrijdag, november 14, 2008

painting a box

A little box a little quilt tyvek paint and some time to work on this
The idea check this
A great online workshop

SharonB of "In A Minute Ago" fame has moved to squarespace--her new address is

donderdag, november 13, 2008


here a detail of the challange ,Storm, for the Dutch Bag ladies .
on the blog you can see the quilt better but not finished yet .

dinsdag, november 11, 2008

the best place in the house

I try to get al things in the bags for tomorrow
as you see my dear twiggy ,, has taken the best place on my little quilt .
Yes again it is the day for the girls Sandra and I go to Willy
we wil talk and work and talk and get lovely food .
Willy wil spoil us again .
As a little surprise the girls wil get a little workshop .
We always have an idea but this one came to me yesterday .
A little secret for them

maandag, november 10, 2008

For Cyber Fyber

A piece of deyed fabrick for the background and the embroiderd garden is now a little quilt
and I think it is turned out oke
I wil send this to Susan with the TAST book for the Cyber Fyber exhibition

woensdag, november 05, 2008

A new start

it is sometimes so hard to get things going .
a new challenge al the ideas and no way to get it started .
and all I needed ,, some other colors
now I can go on to make a quilt
Al cross stitches for the embroidery.
I used this before in an other piece .
As I go along I let you see the progres
It wil take some time
But here it is a new start

dinsdag, november 04, 2008

Leonard Cohen

Wonderful a great artist

And sometimes when the night is slow,
The wretched and the meek,
We gather up our hearts and go,
A Thousand Kisses Deep.

zondag, november 02, 2008

I needed more fabric

Yesterday I deyed some fabric I needed more color and this is the result
now I can start a new project
My stellar challenge is going oke and I am working on storm but my haiku needed the new color
I only need to get my mind at rest there are so many ideas and I want to do to much things at one time and that is not good