zondag, september 30, 2007

book binding and more pages

The TAST pages are coming on very well and for the binding of the book I tryed the FAF pages they are ready for binding
I used many little threads and I think it turned on very pretty
so I now howe to put the TAST book togheter

woensdag, september 26, 2007

A wonderful gift and work in progres

The first picture is of an necklace I got from a friend she made it for me yes I am a lucky girl

the next picture is some felted and beaded work do you remember the fabrick from my friend Willie ,, wel I am working on it and I think it is turning out great .

Stil some more work to do before it is ready


A little experiment with lace and mull and acrylic paint

more lace and mull

a box with mull and acrylic paint

woensdag, september 19, 2007

Fabric art journal TAST

I am far behind with TAST so many other things are on my mind and I want to make a fabrick book of the TAST project .
I got the insperation from a couple of people
and here are the first pages

they are not finished yet ,I am thinking on howe to put the names of the stiches on the pages
and howe to bind the pages

It is so much nicer than to display it in a plastic map

bedankt Willy voor het idee,,,,,,,

zaterdag, september 15, 2007

so many things

Aftere the holidays,,,, and I am stil not on the go ..there are so many things going on in my mind and I can,t get it on the go .....

I knitted one sweater and one shawl and I am started to knit ,crochet a scrummble vest I made some bags this way a long time ago ,, if go back on my blog you wil find these bags

the last time we got thogether Sandra , Willy ,and I <>
Willy gave us a piece of fabrick and we have to make something out of it .
It is hanging on the wall and I dont now what to do whit it

But today was the day and I now what to do


I let you see what we are all made of this piece of fabrick

and my coat yes my coat I made last year I stil wan t to do something with this coat , and I did

I used the fabrick from Willy and some wool
I wil add some machine embriodery and beads and some hand embriodery

some close up of the embellishing

zaterdag, september 08, 2007

Page for Francoise

Solresol is an artificial language, devised by a Frenchman, François Sudre, beginning in 1827. He published his major book on it, Langue musicale universelle, in 1866, though he had already been publicizing it for some years. Solresol enjoyed a brief spell of popularity, reaching its pinnacle with Boleslas Gajewski's 1902 publication of Grammaire du Solresol
hello wel I am back from a wonderful trip we hade a great holliday we visited many countries
and seen a lot, now I am trying to get back there are so much things to do and so much things to read ..
I am so glad I got some things done before I went away , this is the last page for the FAF swap
it is for Francoise .....
I hope she likes it ,it is on a background of black felt handdeyed paper and then wool felted on it little pieces of paper and cords
it wil be on your way next week Francoise >>>>>>>
I have to read a lot of blogs you all did a lot of work and a lot of writing
I hade a great time but I am also happy to be back