zaterdag, juni 09, 2012


I don't know how many times I admired it
That antique piece of machinery
Black with some silver and gold
A pedal that worked by knee
I saw her sitting there for hours
Sewing a patch on my old blue jeans
Making a fuzzy brown teddy bear
Designing dresses for my sister and me
Grandma looks happy as she sewed
She was in a world of her own
I remember her beautiful face
And how her eyes gleamed with delight
After showing us her latest creation
Memories of her cloud my mind
The sound of the sewing machine
Lives on in my heart
Along with Grandma's beautiful face

zondag, juni 03, 2012

My Back is Whack

Every day starts with a crack
How much I loathe my awful back!
It hurts when walking, driving, sleeping
I'm tired of hurting, aching, weeping
I don't like pills or smelly lotions
I don't believe in magic potions
Instead I stretch and exercise
But my back won't compromise

 so sad ,,,,,,,
I will not be there
I hope you have a wonderful day ladies,,,,,,,