maandag, september 29, 2008

it is done

I finished the mandala it was a great pleasure to work on it .
little pieces of Crazy Quilt and in the middle the embroiderd mandala .
There are more mandala,s on the blog of the Dutch bag ladies .
next monday we have a meeting and we show all of the mandala,s

zondag, september 28, 2008

A lovely place to sleep

OOOO a new challange and as always she helps me with my work ,

and it is so very cosy to have her near me

wel you can,t see much of the work I have done wel next time we let you see more

Crazy quilt

A little crazy quilt no hand embroidery this time just machine embroidery

dinsdag, september 23, 2008


The birds they sang
at the break of day
start again
I heard them say
Don,t dwell on what
has passed away
or what is yet to be .
by Leonard Cohen

vrijdag, september 19, 2008

home again

wel we went to France and there was so much to see
we hade a very lovely time there.
we stayed in a beautiful little town whit beautiful houses.

we hade to drive a bit to go to the exhibition but is was a wonderful serounding al mountens and grapes so beautiful .

you can see Sandra and Willy waiting for a byt to eat .

and 2 quilt made by Sandra ,
and one I liked so much .
I dont know the name of the woman how made this but again I love this quilt

we hade a great time , there were some freinds from the net and it is always so very nice to meet them again
we met sandy, Dijanne ,Annette ,Laura ,Ina

I read Sandy her blog for a long time and it was very lovely to meet her
see you again Sandy .

we hade a cup of tea and a lovely time with Ina and there were so many things to see we only hade one day it was to short to see every thing but we hade a great time

and it is always so good to come home

see you next time

maandag, september 15, 2008

we go to France

A lot of stitches and so many more to come
there are 3 projects I am working on and they all have lots and lots of embroidery
The first picture is a detail of a page from the book for the exhibition Cyber Fyber
The second picture is my dream a quilt I am working on
When I started my blog 3 years ago, I came accros an artist, Martha Green she makes wonderful Crazy quilts and she has her own way of making these quilts.
I wanted to make a quilt like that,
as you know I did start and it is going very well .
Maybe you can find some work of Martha Green
here are 2 links
she does not have a blog .

I wil be of line for a couple of days we ,,, Sandra ,Willy and I are going to France
there is an exhibition
I let you see pictures when I am back

Have a nice day

maandag, september 08, 2008

Crazy quilting and a present

A present from glennis go and see here blog she makes beautiful scarfs
Thank you Glennis for the lovely scraps .
And working on the Crazy Quilt for the CQR group on flickr
There are more projects a am working on, the dream quilt is going very good let you see some pictures later
and 2 challenges I am still thinking about them.
Wel I have to work now so see you all later
have a nice day

zaterdag, september 06, 2008


Jude started a new flickr group about What if,,, cray quilting revisited,,,
and I was thinking what if I used some embroidry i made a long time ago ,it is in a draw and I dont know what to do with it and I dont like it but the work the time and the materials i put into it
so I cut it up and put it together again
crazy quilting revisited dont you think ??????

vrijdag, september 05, 2008


Wel here is my quilt hanging at the exhibition .
The opening was very nice but it took a long time so there was not much time to see the exhibition .
We also hade time to shop before the opening, Arnhem is a very nice city to shop ,maybe I wil go back there ,, just for the shopping ,,

woensdag, september 03, 2008

my Dream

I just can,t stop working on this quilt it is like a virus it takes me every time I see it
I have lot of handdyed fabrics I want to use for this quilt
and I have lots and lots of little dreams to use for this quilt
But tomorow we are going to Arnhem to the exhibition
Willy and Sandra and I there are quilt from us in the exhibition
I wil make pictures and let you see
Now I wil go and get some sleep
see you

dinsdag, september 02, 2008

stitch by stitch

It is going very wel I like the colors I love the stitching and love to work on it
I have lots more things to do and wil let you see
I go to sleep and see you in time .