maandag, februari 25, 2008

Miss Doodle

I got this lovely gift today it is from Andrea,, a wonderful little heart from Paris, there lives Andrea .
and I got Miss Doole she is so very adoreble
Let me tel you about Miss Doodle
Miss Doodle lives in Paris, France, has a huge wardrobe and changes clothes often. Otherwise she is a very thoughtful person. Miss Doodle was born on January 31st in the metro in Paris and belongs to the "Stickpeople". She is easy going, romantic and very busy. For her, every day is an adventure. She keeps one feet on the ground and the other one in the clouds.
you can read al about Miss Doodle on here blog,

zondag, februari 24, 2008

Mother Earth and a little box

Mother yes that is the theme I am working on.
This is just a little try out it is not what it is going to be, that is still a surprice

The first picture is a little box I made from one of the cirkles
I wanted a box with a zipper but this was not a good idea I let the zipper were it was and made a also a lid this is much better for the next box I know howe to do it

donderdag, februari 21, 2008

mask for Kim

Afrikan mask for Kim it is the last one for this swap yes yes I know I dont want to do swaps ...
but ,,,,,,,,, if I see one I like Wel I MUST cant help it
this one was lovely Thank you all
I hope kim wil like this page it wil go on the mail next week

Corryna Corryna.

Thank you corryna I love this all memories

woensdag, februari 20, 2008

Lovely mail

The first oiece of art is from Carol a mandala made for me for the FAF page swap thank you carol it is wonderful

The next wonderful card is from Corryna it is a bit special she put fabrick in the ground and left it there I dont know for how long the fabrick is painted by the dirt
then she FME it and added beads from here grandmother
I love this card thabj you so much corryna

when I say here name I always think of a song,,,, Corryna Corryna
it is from way back I cant remember the name of artist that sing this song ... if any of you know the name please let me know .

zaterdag, februari 16, 2008

TIF challenge feb.

Here is the TIF challenge for februari my memories by my grandma the walks we took
I always loved the colors in the evenings
A little piece of handdeyd cooton and embroidery some fantasie yarn
I dont have a picture left of this memorie you have to do it with this

vrijdag, februari 15, 2008

working late

Making Act’s and postcards from scraps and ufo, s .
Just cutting up old pieces of an quilt that turned out to be a little bag and the these little pieces,,, well you can see Act’s and postcards .

I have to send some of these to cyber friends I really hope they like the cards

Now I am off to bed tomorrow I want to make more I hope I have inspiration

see you .....

donderdag, februari 14, 2008

new blog and other things

a new blog I think you must see,,, Laura of trapsuutje is blogging she hase wonderful paint and always so much new ideas .

I dont have photo,s this time there are some things I can not show you, later when all is finished ,
Arlee hase started a challenge,,, Exquisite Corpse ,,,and I am in it. I could not resist it it looks so much fun to do and it is ,,,,,

The Dutch Bag Ladies ,,,one of us makes a bag with goodies and we all make a quilt of the goodies , it is so surprising to see the results
we meet once in the 3 months

and my lovely friends Sandra and Willy we meet very often and we have also some challenge ,s now and then
this time it was Sandra,s turn to give us the challenge and she did ............ still thinking on it ...

I am also working on the TAST fabrick book, Susan invited me for the Cyber Fiber chalenge so it must be done on time .

And this weekend Sue b asked me to write an article for Fiber and stitch ,,,,,,,,yes i am going to be so famous ,,,,ha ha ha
next time I wil have pictures .......

woensdag, februari 13, 2008

Cyber Fyber and other ATC,s

the ATC and fiber postcard are from Susan Lenz for the Cyber Fyber trade
there are some atc,s and postcard for trade so go an visite the site if you like to do a trade with Susan.

This beautiful embroidred ATC is from Anne thanks for the trade

The next 2 ATC,s are from Guzzisue and Annica

And the last beauty is from Gaye Mclean
thank you all for the lovely trade

zaterdag, februari 09, 2008

looks like spring

The weather was so beautiful today it looks like spring
I made a circle with wool and silk to capture the spring feeling
I also finished the Act’s and the postcard for the Cyber Fyber any one can join this trade .
Susan is doing a great job here,

donderdag, februari 07, 2008

Take it Further

I take part of the take it further challenge by Sharon B
The challenge this month is memories, and this week there are so many memories
On the radio they have the week of the sixties al music from the sixties and they bring a lot of memories, some good some bad some happy some sad…….. I love it al ……
Now I have to think of a way to put this in fabric it is not easy because there are so many different memories.
First I will put words on paper and than I go and make some drawings. I am thinking of making a mandala I always find the mandala a wonderful way to express my feelings
Let’s get de brain working.

woensdag, februari 06, 2008

lovely lovely

Yes more Act’s and a post card and some lovely wool from Klazien,s Kreaties
It is always a pleasure to visited here
She haze lovely wool, I really like the colours

Tomorrow is a busy day I have a lot of work to do many feet to attend to
I don’t think there is time to do anything else .

And Friday is a big day I go and give a workshop in a shop near by, but I think it will be fun to do.
There is a second day planed so many want to do this workshop.
Let you know how it was

dinsdag, februari 05, 2008

fiber and postcard

a postcard for a friend and some beautiful yarn for a,,,,, we will see
there are more treasures but tonight I go to a friend so tomorrow I will let you see more

maandag, februari 04, 2008


Echt uit gewaaid en vol met nieuwe ideeen die laat ik later zien , geweldig fijne dagen gehad en nog een fijne dag in zwolle op de handwerk beurs
hoop morgen meer plaatjes te laten zien
OOO ja en de hele week genieten Radio 2 jaren 60 mijn jeugd

Lot of wind and wonderful days in Noordwijk ,,,,,,,,
This week,,,, al week,,,, on the radio Music from the sixties so very beautiful ,,,,,,