dinsdag, januari 22, 2013

Travelers blanket

the green stitch is a knotted feather stitch
Here you can see how it is done

 and seed stitches on the Travelers Blanket

vrijdag, januari 18, 2013


Birds and butterflies
Rivers and mountains she creates

 But you'll never know
The next move she'll make

You can try
But it is useless to ask why
Cannot control her
She goes her own way
 She rules until the end of time
She gives and she takes
She rules until the end of time

zaterdag, januari 12, 2013

Open dag Quiltershuske
a lovely little shop with a lovely lady
and a old friend from way back

I will come back soon

zondag, januari 06, 2013

More octablom stories

The sewing machine joins
 what the scissors have cut asunder, 
plus whatever else comes in its path.  
~Mason Cooley

Hidden in green grass
like a lady behind curtain,
a flower leads its life.

dinsdag, januari 01, 2013

Octablom quilt

Day after day the pattern grew;
Each block was deftly set in place,
And rows of tiny stitches tell

A tale that time cannot efface.
Of patience, skill, housewifely pride,
Of women's love for pretty thing,

Of fingers trained such work to do
By those who know the joy it brings,
Of time within the home weel spent,
The heart with homely tasks content.