zaterdag, februari 28, 2009

embellisher experiments

My embellisher was standing in a corner of my room not used at all today I wanted to work with felt this is the first result .
on black felt I irond painted bondaweb on top of this I irond some folie then with the embellisher wool silk snippets of fantasie yarn
on top of this al some little pieces of bandaweb to add some more folie for a little shinning

zaterdag, februari 21, 2009

quilt for Emily

yesterday we went to the quiltkabinet and my granddaugther Emily pict the most beautiful fabricks for here quilt ,so here I go again making a big quilt .
This one is also a wonky logcabin quilt .
And at last I got my quilts and my fiberbook back from Susan Lenz It was not here fault it took so long but the hole lot was waiting at costums they wanted to know how muts I payed for the things I bouht in Amerika
after a 2 letters to them I finely got my own things back ,,,,,
Susan was so kind to include the news papers and other magazines with al the articles about Cyber Fyber .

zondag, februari 15, 2009


working on a quilt for the DBL the theme is Time I got a lovely present from Corryna and I used it in this quilt the colors are very good for this quilt there are also some beads I can use .
So Time goes on .

donderdag, februari 12, 2009

this one is for me ?

this quilt is almost finifhed and already taken as you see

and some lovely flowers just to let the some color in the house I love these flowers so delicut
the dutch name is -ranonkel-

dinsdag, februari 10, 2009

maandag, februari 09, 2009

Little things

somtimes it is so nice to make little things so I made some ATC,s embroiderd a piece and cut it up to make these ATC,s
They are for trade so if you like to trade let me know

zondag, februari 08, 2009

what next 2

The Time quilt is going on and on little by little and I think it is going oke
also an other quilt is on it,s way this wil be one for me ,,,
and there is lots of embroidery going on let you see in time some things I can not show you yet
have a very nice day

donderdag, februari 05, 2009

What next

I cut it and put it together again ,,, and now what is the next step to take ,,,,
Time wil tell

maandag, februari 02, 2009

Blue quilt

the top of the quilt for my grandson is done this is the second big quilt I wil make more my granddauther asked for one to, and I want to make one for the livingroom, I must say I like this work a lot .