zondag, maart 29, 2009

Colours of Africa,

Laura Liebenberg is busy with the project Colours of Africa.
I made a little quilt for this project.
The first picture is the finished quilt but I was not so happy with it
so I painted it a bit with trapsuutje paint and it looks much better now ,, I think it is ,,
here is the link please join in it is for a good cause

zaterdag, maart 28, 2009

A price for Willy

My dear friend Willy won the third price with this quilt congratulations Willy
you deserve it
The quilt is so beautiful

vrijdag, maart 27, 2009

Assisi Embroidery

Stitch explorer

This month the challenge is Assisi Embroidery
Here is a little example were I am working on at this moment
not finished yet ,I found more assisi work on this blog
A very nice blog with lots of embroidery and lovely links

zondag, maart 22, 2009

bobbin lace

here are some of the little treasures I got today .
Al lovely pieces of bobbin lace my mother made
as you know I made a quilt with here lace before but she hase so much more lace and I can use this in the crazy quilt I am making at this moment .
here is a link for more info about bobbin lace
I tryed making lace but it was not a great succes my mother is so much better in making lace she stil is making little pieces of lace hoop she can go on for some time .

maandag, maart 16, 2009

More stitches and it is not easy to say it is done, every time you see some empty spots and think about the stitches you can add .
This weekend I finished the Quilt for Emily and I also finished some knitting
I have more yarn and for a new project to knit but my mind is on the stitching and beading for the CQ .
My Mother found more lace for this quilt so I must visit here for al these lovely treasures
hope to let you see more soon

maandag, maart 09, 2009

Crazy Quilting

the first block of Crazy Quilting is almost done some more stitches I want to add
and I found some more bobbin lace my mother made and there is more to come
she made so much and I love to put it in a quilt the first quilt ever I made was one with
al pieces of lace my mother made
I made many mistakes and but it was my first quilt and my mother loves it .
and I am stil learning a lot .

wonderful link
Tribute to the Women of the World
thanks Pat

zondag, maart 08, 2009


green embroidery yarn al in one box and some details this is what I am working on

maandag, maart 02, 2009

trading and painting fabric

there are so many projects I can finnish ore begin but I have a art block !!!!!!! what ever that is
so here are some tryouts of fabrick paintings with trapsuutje paint love to play with this paint
want to stamp on it but this week I have to work a lot so at an other time
and I recieved some lovely ATC,s the green one from Mags and the blue one from Alis
thank you ladies I love them