zaterdag, juni 30, 2007


This little piece of red felt I made on the embellisher needed something more
I added bubbels that I made whit felt , now it is just oke ,
the picture does not show it so good
This is also a tryout and I am stil discovering new things to do on the embellisher .
I wil make more tryouts before I stard whit the coat .

vrijdag, juni 29, 2007

Page for Carol

my partner on the FAF swap for june is Carol and here theme is white , cream ,beige.
the fabrics to use silk, cotton, lace ,scrim , angel wire, I also did some hand embriodery and added beads .
I use some paint aswel I hope Carol wil like the page .

donderdag, juni 28, 2007

a wonderful day

Yesterday was a wonderful day and I got so much inspiration
two friends came over ,we met on a course and now we have lovely days together and yesterday was one of those days
a hade a little time today and this is the result of playing with the embellisher
it is a tryout for a coat I made last year. I want to do something with this coat .
this tryout wil help to get on the way .

zondag, juni 24, 2007

little bag for little things ,2

here is the others side of the zipper on the bag
you have to close the edges on bouth sides
and turn the bag

and the bag is done

here is an other little bag this one is made with velvet and organza
I heated it so you get a lovely structure
A little flower and some cords also made from organza
on the zipper some beads

Little bag for little tings

I made a little bag for a friend and now I want to make one more ,and I like to tel you howe I did it
The top can be as you like I used left overs cotton and fantasie fibers .
I have lots of these little pieces ,
On a piece of black felt 9-5 inch little leftovers

I added fantasie thread and on top, this is the next picture ,black tule
some stiches to put it al in place

the zipper hase to go on the good side of the fabrick
you put bouth sides of the zipper to the bag
later you can turn the bag

zaterdag, juni 23, 2007

add a bead

post card for a swap , on black felt underground ,handdeyd paper towel some wool felted on the punch machine and beads added
There are so many things I have to do and so little time .
Anyway this postcard is finished so now to the others things to do

donderdag, juni 14, 2007


handdyed threat,buttons ,beads , hand made cords.
The fabrick I am working on is an old jeans
it is not the top of the jeans but the leg
The top of the jeans and the legs wil al be bags
I love the recycling of old cloths
the stitches I used are crosstich and frenchknot

you must see this
I just found this wonderful artist and you have to look it is amazing
have fun ,,,,,,,,,,

zondag, juni 10, 2007


this is the first of 2 postcards I have to make for some lovely ladies it is for there birthday
I ame a little late but i hope to get them on the mail intime
I made little rolls of fabric embellished it with beads and yarn added some hand embriodery
the edge of the rolls are painted with gold paint
so one to go

woensdag, juni 06, 2007


more stitches added and more to come and more beads I think

Sharon b is hase an other course on joggles starting in july I think I am goging to take that course to

I just love to embrioder by hand you can take it every time and it is so relexing

home again

The trip to Lugano was wonderful we hade a lovely time but we are back again we have a couple of days left and then back to work .
But today it was great to do some dyeing and making some ATC,s
I used paint from Dreamline and the material I used is paper towel it is very strong and the colors are lovely I am very pleased with the result

the atc,s are made on the embellisher soft colors on whit felt cords and some embriodery .
now I am going to read more blogs and mail there is so much to read .
nice to be back