dinsdag, november 28, 2006

New group on Flickr

WEl you never no what you wil do
I made a new group on Flickr for the embellisher I think this wil work
I hade many questions about the embellisher and there are many how have a attechment on there sewingmachine but dont now howe to juse it ore the things you can do whit it
so I hope we can learn from all the things we see I hope this wil work and you join me and so many others
lets make ART

THe embellisher

The Embellisher: I get many questions about the embellisher so maybe this gives you some idea what the machine can do .I have not explored al of the things it can do I learn every time I work whit it but it is very great to see al the lovely things you can do whit it

The 7 needles where you work whit ,the needles have barbs htey punch the fabric ,wol and al sorts of things

you can see the diverents on the silk when worked on whit the embellisher

Silk wil be worked on whit the embellisher

maandag, november 27, 2006

Art Share Meme

I am a little late whit some things ,I am to busy .but I wil send the art pieces for the Art Share Meme this weekend .Than I have time for an other swap , the Fabric art Journals ,, I have to do a lot I only have done 3 pages so there are much more pages to go .

The opening of the exhibition was very good ( it is my first so ) I think every thing is good ,
The exhibition is until 30 dec , maybe I sell some things but anyway it so much fun to do this ,

The cards of the swap swap on flickr are on the way I recieved 2 and they are wonderful it was very nice to do this . when I have all the cards I let them se you on my blog ,
I send all the ladies the same stuff and it is so lovely to see what they have done whit it
I posted some pictures on flickr the card from Gunnels and the card from Bente so enjoy the cards are wonderful

donderdag, november 23, 2006

Yes a Front Page

When I sarted this I hade now idea what it would be . Yesterday evening I was working on it again and then it was clear to me, it wil be the front page of the fabric art journal we are working on .

It hase many technieks ,Embriodery ,Free motion Embriodery,Needle felting ,Beading ,

the back ground are little pieces of fabrick on top of that layers of organza and silk I burnet some littel holes in the organza so you can see pieces of fabrick .
Hand embriodery and FME. Whit the embellisher I made the green piece it is organza and merinowol punched together .I love to work on the embellisher you can do so many wonderful things whit this machine I have it now for 2 years and I find new things to do on it every time

maandag, november 20, 2006

Book for ATC's

I made an other book for ATC's the first one I made it now on the exhibition and I wanted to have one at home . It is not my color but I like it anyway ,

On the blog of Sharon B there are some wonderful book cover she hase a class on Joggles and they make wonderful things ,
Maybe when I am not so busy I wil go on that class I love what they do there.

On the 2nd of Januarie 2007 Sharon also stards an other challenge "Take a Stitch Tuesdays"
This looks like fun to me and you learn a lot ,
check out her blog to find out more .

zaterdag, november 18, 2006

no Title ,,yet,,

working on a piece a lot of every thing
little pieces of fabric sew together it was not much and I did not now what to do with it ,,
and then a layerd it with organza and burnt it
more organza and free motion embriodery

I added a little piece felt and organza needlefelted on the embellisher , I made some machine embriodery on it ,
and now I am adding hand embriodery

dinsdag, november 14, 2006

Page from Dianne

From Dianne I recieved yesterday this wonderful page The front page is a Magpie on it's nest and in the nest is a little bag for the info, on the back are leaves the texture is so wonderful She used great materials and fine Free machine embriodery , It is a great Page ,Thank you so must Dianne

zondag, november 12, 2006

Exiting Day

I went to the galerie today where my work wil be on exhibition
It is so exiting I did not now what to expect
The owner only saw my work on internet and I hade to pic the things to show

But is was very great she loved my work and she wanted every thing I took to show to her
And what a wonderful place I put her site in my links so you can see some photos

The exhibition starts at 24 november and find it al very exiting
I wil show many photos of the opening and the exhibition there wil be more artists showing there work

I let you in on the progres of it all

the site of the galerie

zaterdag, november 11, 2006

Red for Textile Tuesday

This is it now the finish of it and I am pleased

For the textile tuesday RED

in progres

I am not sure this wil work so I added more gold bands ,and go and see what is in my stas,

And then I see a left over from the goedies i got from Arlee so her it goes and I think this is it
Yes this wil be very nice

red it goes on

My machine is back again so I can work on my red piece ,and added some FME, At this moment I am not very happy with it so I must add more

A piece of needle felted wol with organza and FME ,It stil is not what I want it to be,more gold band added,And Imust take a cup of tea and think about it,not happy yet.

donderdag, november 09, 2006


This day is very WAuw I hade a very busy day at work, and went to my son how hase his birthday ,
and when i got home there were many phonecalls waiting for me ,
but this was the best,, a invitaton for a exibition ... I never dreamed that this will happen to me ,,,but ......................................................

I wil let you now ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I am so,,,,,,,, wauw ,,I dont now yet,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

woensdag, november 08, 2006

Red for Textile Tuesday

I wil let you see the proses of making this piece for the textiele Tuesday
The first thing was looking for the richt fabric ,this is a piece of silk left over from a fabric journal I have made .
On the embelisher I made a altering in the fabric .

It is not good to see but if you look very good oyu see some needle felted wol I made on the embellisher

I got some mull, wol,punched it togeter on the embellisher and added it to the silk ,
I wamted to add some FME ,,, but my machine brook and I have to get it to the man to get it fiksed so I an you have to wait until this weekend , so sorry ,
when I am in the mood I like to go on ,, but I have to wait , it is so hard .....

dinsdag, november 07, 2006

The 9 ATC's

Here are the 9 ATC's .
The first rowe the first card,,Peggy made that one on her own
The first rowe second card,,, Jutta send fabric to me I made the first embelisment and Peggy finished it
The 3 card I send the fabrick Jutta mad the first embelisment and peggy finished it

The 2e rowe
1e card Peggy fabrick Jutta first embelisment I finished
2e card Jutta fabrick peggy first embelisment I finished
3e card I made that one on my own

The 3e rowe
1e card Peggy fabrick I firste embeliment Jutta finished
2e card Jutta mad that one on her own
3e card Isend the fabric Peggy mad the first embelisment Jutta finished it

Thank you ladies for the ATC game It was so muts fun and we have some wonderful cards
I played the game with Jutta and Peggy .
Jutta does not hase a Blog but Peggy hase ..

ATC game

Here you see 3 sets of atc's Yhe first ones I made ,sun printed fabrick on the embellisher I made felt with angelina fiber and mull . this is machine embrioderd on the sun printed fabric .
I added some beads and some hand embriodery . I wil send one to Peggy and one to Jutta and one for my .I also send them a piece of fabrick and I got a piece of fabrick from them we made the embellisments and then send it to the next person how wil finished of

The next set is fabrick from Peggy , than Jutta made the first embelisment ,and I finished it

the 3 set is the same way Jutta send the fabric to Peggy how made the first embelisment
and I finished it . Peggy and jutta also made 3 sets of ATC's the same way I did ,now we have 9 ATC's and we send Peggy 3 and jutta 3 and I got 3 from jutta and 3 from Peggy ...are you still whit me..... and so now I have 9 diverent ATC's And they are so beautiful

maandag, november 06, 2006

working on some pages

Yes working on some pages I have 2 pages completed now ,I have to do the backside of Arlee's
Page but I got an I dea for ,The window to the soul , For Kitty
Lots of little pieces of fabric, FME on a background In the middle a door to a little window ,
what is behind that window is stil in progres ,
The last page is the backside of the Peace prayer,Al little pocket with little gifts and tags

vrijdag, november 03, 2006


I am a bit behind ,this post card is for the textile tuesday ,,chaos ,, it is a bit chaos in my mind ,

To mane swaps to little time , I hope to do some work in the weekend to clear out the work floor

My dear friend Dianne hase a blog to now ,please visite her blog and see the wonderful things she is making

I get a wonderful page from her it is a private swap and I am very pleased that we did this

donderdag, november 02, 2006


I hade so much trouble to post this, but here it is ,,,I wil try to put op some more photo,s If it workes ????
there are some swaps I am in to so I hade to make Fabric postcards ,,,
I was so happy becouse it worked very wel
This one is made from ,,, needle felt ,organza, silk, I wil keep this one and frame it ....
And I fergot to tel that this card is made for the,,, textile tuesday,,, I have a link on my blog ..