zondag, april 24, 2011


Dromen  dat zijn avonturen
Avonturen in je hoofd
Dromen dat zijn de verhalen
Die je bijna niet gelooft.

zaterdag, april 23, 2011

happy Easter

to all my Friends

No Time

  sometimes I feel like this

No Time
I push through the chaos,
My mind tangles up,
My senses are battered,
My thoughts remain shut,
The purr of the traffic
Sends birds to the sky,
Abused by construction,
I wish I could fly,
As I glance at my watch
I know I must run,
I've no time for a life,
No time to have fun,
I've no time to observe,
My eyes cannot see,
There's no time to listen,
No time to be me.

By Polly C

woensdag, april 13, 2011

birthday gift

last week was my birthday 
today came a belated gift
She is as old as I am
we were born in 1952
she is so beautiful
I am a happy girl

vrijdag, april 08, 2011


Spring is warming
Spring is a cool season
Fun lasting spring