zondag, december 25, 2011


Christmas Spirit

Put up a splash of Christmas spirit
Put in a dash of love
Stir up the sounds ‘till you can hear it
Sing out to those you love

Christmas, Christmas, you can fill me
Up with Christmas cheer
Christmas, Christmas, you fulfill my
Spirit every year

Toss up a mash of extra magic
Toss in a batch of love
Let up the lights with random logic
Look out for sleighs above

Santa, Santa, can I have it
Please I’ve been so good
Santa, Santa, please I beg you
Please oh if you would

Get up a clash of Christmas color
Get in a catch of love
Set up and show the shiny decor
Shout out with Christmas love

Listen, listen, you can see it
Spirit everywhere
Listen, listen, you can do it
Spread it out and share

Put up a splash of Christmas spirit
Put in a dash of love
Stir up the sounds ‘till you can hear it
Sing out to those you love

Christmas, Christmas, you can fill me
Up with Christmas cheer
Christmas, Christmas, you fulfill my
Spirit every year

Love to you all

vrijdag, december 16, 2011

a place to sleep?????

Are you creating a place to sleep
she asked
no dear I am trying to get the quilt done

No I think your wrong
It is a great place to sleep
she sad

look here it is
my spot
I have to take a nap

well pined down
waiting for the cat
she is sleeping now
sssssst see you later

woensdag, december 14, 2011

the border

Oh, do you know the Gingerbread Man,
The Gingerbread Man, the Gingerbread Man?
Oh, do you know the Gingerbread Man,
Who ran and ran and ran?
He said, "Catch me if you can,
If you can, if you can."
He said, "Catch me if you can,
Then ran and ran and ran.
I can run like the Gingerbread Man.
The Gingerbread Man, the Gingerbread Man.
I can run like the Gingerbread Man.
Now catch me if you can.

zondag, december 11, 2011

Travellers Blanket

The first time I saw the travellers blanket
  Dijanne Cevaal made it  I was in love
Now I am part of the course
 The first thing to do is painting the cloth
you can see the result.

Walk and touch peace every moment.
Walk and touch happiness every moment.
Each step brings a fresh breeze.
Each step makes a flower bloom.
Kiss the Earth with your feet.
Bring the Earth your love and happiness.
The Earth will be safe
when we feel safe in ourselves.

have a nice sunday

zondag, december 04, 2011

new projects

I know it is not a quilt yet
I make a hexagon in 30 minutes
and every time I have one finished
I saw it on the other hexagons
I try to make one every day

But there is more
At the and of the year
new projects are born
old ones renewed
some are so lovely
i can not resist

Here are 2
I want to share
See what you do
I want them
and you ,,,,,

building houses
TAST 2012

zaterdag, december 03, 2011

Back from a warm and sunny holiday to a cold an rainy Holland .

Yes we are back 
a lazy week in the sun

warm nights
easy living

reading ,stitching
walking ,talking

back at home
cold and rainy
the normal live

it is good to be back

maandag, november 14, 2011

zondag, november 13, 2011


Don't listen to trouble, don't give way to fears,
Purl away your problems, knit away your tears.
Visit a local yarn store, for it's therapy if you're sick
Why pay shrinks and doctors when more yarn will do the trick?

zaterdag, november 12, 2011

hey nice to see you

I am a mother bunny,
With a white and fluffy tail.
I lift it up into the air,
Babies now follow my trail.

 knitting for Christmas
with 5 little knitting needles
go here to see more

have a nice day

zondag, november 06, 2011

Life is a dream

A boat beneath a sunny sky,
Lingering onward dreamily
In an evening of July --

Children three that nestle near,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Pleased a simple tale to hear --
Long had paled that sunny sky:
Echoes fade and memories die.
Autumn frosts have slain July.

Still she haunts me, phantomwise,
Alice moving under skies
Never seen by waking eyes. 

Children yet, the tale to hear,
Eager eye and willing ear,
Lovingly shall nestle near.

In a Wonderland they lie,
Dreaming as the days go by,
Dreaming as the summers die: 

 Ever drifting down the stream --
Lingering in the golden gleam --
Life, what is it but a dream?

zondag, oktober 23, 2011


The penguin's a bird that cannot fly
But can swim like a torpedo!
And on the ice
It looks so nice
Dressed in its own tuxedo!

zaterdag, oktober 22, 2011

"My Dear," said The Claus

           "There really is no need to worry at all


Your projects will all be completed this night,

                                           I'm terribly sorry we gave you a fright."
                       "Sit down. Have some tea. It's relaxing, you'll see.
                        My friends and I've come a long way to help Thee."

                                      She thought she was dreaming, our dear Quilter did,

                                     In fact she quite feared that she near flipped her lid!

  But the flash of the needles and twist of the thread soon gave her to know
   she had nothing to dread.

They spoke no more words, but went straight to their sewing.                       
 How the work went so quickly she had no way way of knowing.

The stitches, how fine! The corners, how straight!
This Claus-woman's talent was awfully great.
They finished the pillows, then started to quilt.
Before they all knew it, the whole thing was built!

Now old Mrs. Claus, she knew quilters real well,
and she knew they'd need help on this night most of all
So she said to our quilter, "Just move over dear,
I've brought my own needle. We'll get done, never fear.
I told dear old Santa about what quilters do.
How they plan all these projects but have other work too.
So he taught me his magic for doing things fast.
There, that pillows done. Now this is the last.

They tidied their thread snips, and picked up the scraps
and chased our dear quilter's six cats from their laps.
As they scurried away with their thimbles still gleaming
dear Mrs. Claus paused, her cap ribbons streaming.

"Merry Christmas, my dear, now just have a ball!"

zondag, oktober 09, 2011

buttons and so

making buttons and all pieces are connected now
have to do more embroidery before I can finish the piece

Button, oh button,
Oh where have thou fled?
did thee tary too long
amongst fabric and thread?
did thee roll off my bosom
and cease to exist?
how i wish i could follow thee
into the mist.

have a great sunday

zondag, oktober 02, 2011

love to stitch

After weeks of rest I put my tea party quilt on my lap and to hold it and see what to stitch on it
The bird of paradise was the result
there is so much more to do on this quilt but I wanted to show how it looks 
I can sit under it when I stitch it keeps me warm, so lovely to work like this 

donderdag, september 29, 2011

Bird of paradise

Saw you flying by
Flash of Turquoise Blue
I just had to try
To keep your life in view

My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise

Wish that I could fly
I'd be beside you now
But I can only sigh
And watch you circle round

My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise
My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise
My bird of paradise

So you fly away
When will you come again
So I can watch you play
In the pouring rain

My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise
My bird of paradise
Sweet bird of paradise
My bird of paradise

zaterdag, september 24, 2011

making a pocket

I think of all the things  I have,
I like my pockets best.
Pockets hold just everything
and they give your hands a rest.

I never know just what I'll find,
what special things I'll see
to put inside my pockets ~~
these are treasures, just for me.

When Mommy's doing laundry though,
she says sometimes it's scary
finding rocks and frogs and beetles
and my spiders that are hairy.

vrijdag, september 23, 2011

at last the winner

at last the give away
and the winner is ,,,

It took some time but we had to move my Mother to a new home not all is done but my mother is settled
and that is the most import tend  issue at the moment
also still trying to work on my cloth for the class given by Karen A most excellent class Karen is a great teacher

lots and lots of embroidery

zaterdag, september 10, 2011

give away

my first post 6 years ago .
maybe time for a little give away
If you are interested
 leave a little comment

"It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving."
-Mother Teresa-
have a nice weekend 

donderdag, september 01, 2011

published again and more

a surprise when I got this magazine  my quilt was in it ,down on the left  ,

here is a piece I am working on for the class given by Karen 
I admire here work for a long time and now I have the change to work with here
I am already addicted

this is what I have done with the cloth
many stitches and many more to come

there is always something new to learn

zondag, augustus 28, 2011


this quilt is for my granddaughter Emily
for a cosy evening
for comfort
stitched with love

vrijdag, augustus 26, 2011

old lady

Gentle eyes that see so much,
paws that have the quiet touch,
Purrs to signal "all is well"
and show more love than words could tell.
Graceful movements touched with pride,
a calming presence by our side -
A friendship that takes time to grow -
Small wonder why we love them so.

zondag, augustus 21, 2011


on the bottom of the basket
she was waiting in the dark
but finely I found here
ready to make here world complete

zondag, augustus 14, 2011

yes there are more to come

yes  an other pillow
there are more little quilts just laying there
they turn out to be lovely pillows
so lovely to use not  waiting in a box
to be loved, used,
no better way for a little quilt
don't you think


cleaning  and  reorganizing my little room
found this little quilt,,, what to do
well a pillow always oke,,,,,,,,,

zaterdag, augustus 13, 2011

the Feather

twisting and turning
falling down toward the earth
and rising no more

 for the magic feather project

vrijdag, augustus 12, 2011

spread the word...

The magic feather project
hosted by Jude Hill

A great project and much fun to do
check it out  and play along

zondag, juli 31, 2011

donderdag, juli 28, 2011