maandag, juli 31, 2006

Little Green Bag

A Little Green Bag

Lots of FME and beading .
It is not so hot anymore and It is my holiday ,
so I have some time to make new things ,

zondag, juli 23, 2006

smal things

Some ATC's are finished , and then I embrioderd a little peace ,layer on layer ,al diverent treads ,Some silk, wol ,fantasie treads,
The stiches are most buttonhole stiches and running stiches .

woensdag, juli 19, 2006

the Way

The Way
A new ATC serie needle feldet embrioderd beading ,this ATC 's are ready for swap,
It was is so hot at the moment but a good time for the little tings I just needed a little more beading and embriodery to do .
so finished snd raedy for a swap

woensdag, juli 12, 2006

A small ATC journal

A small Journal for taking The ATC;s for a trade .
It is al made of handdeyed fabric FME and under the tule some feathers on top some atc's
A wooden bead for closing the book .
I can add some more pages but at the moment this wil do

woensdag, juli 05, 2006

Fabric art journal

The Fabric Art Journal A Dream is done ,
It is a journy in to my dreams ,I walk in to a wood whit a lot of strange anymals and plants there is someone to watch over me and it is a wonderful journy ,
I can rest and enjoy my walk ,Then the walk home is it the end ,,, I dont think so .as I wrote in my journal,,,,, When you cease to dream, you cease to live ....

I jused a lot of FME and hand embriodery many diverent fabrics and machine felted wool
The binding was a puzzel but i got some wooden beads and between every page I put 2 wooden beads I think it is a fine solution .

I loved to work on this journal , Thanks to Arlee she was the one to got me into this ,
There are more journals to see on the

maandag, juli 03, 2006


At the moment I am working on 2 little quilts ,maybe there wil be more ,
The shape of a body of a pregnant woman is the subject .
the quilt whit the soft collors is mostly hand embrioderd, the surrounding of the bodys gives it i diverent feeling .
I wonder if you are having the same feelings about the quilts .

zaterdag, juli 01, 2006


a warm summers day sitting in the garden and looking at the live that is going on .
some embriodry is done <>...... and loving the waether , it will be warm the hole week. just summer .............