zaterdag, maart 31, 2007

Padfolio from Sara

I got this wonderful padfolio from Sara ,It is so wonderful and cleaver the needles and the sissor
I love it ,the colors are so great I ma very happy with this padfolio,thank you so much Sara

vrijdag, maart 30, 2007


The last week for the Personal Lybrary of stitch the class of Sharon B on Joggles
I learned a lot and I am stil making samplers ,
This one I just finished

maandag, maart 26, 2007


Little bits and pieces ,left overs and that turned out to this card ..

zondag, maart 25, 2007

Postcard and quilt

This postcard is for a FAF friend and I put an other picture of the transparent quilt
maybe it is better to see that it is transperant

zaterdag, maart 24, 2007

TAST Couching

This week for TAST Couching ,
Here a little black felt piece on top red and green felted wool and some knitting yarn couched on top


Here is the quilt and it is finished,,,,,
It is made from organza ,I used the embellisher and burning candels and FME
The assignment was , transparent , and that is wat the quilt is .

dinsdag, maart 20, 2007


I ,m so behinde with my pictures ,I now but Live goes so fast ,,
the first is from a swap with gunnels a lovely ATC Thank you so much Gunnels

the second is a beautiful postcard from my dear friend from OZ Dianne
Thank you Dianne I love it,,

and the FAF swap 2 pages one from Terri and one from Sue b wonderful
I love to be part in this swap

maandag, maart 19, 2007

I am a Happy girl

Yes I got a new machine for one year I have been thinking about a new machine and I got it today.
The Husqvarna Desiner and it is a wonderful machine
I am a very happy girl i must play some more
see you later ,,,,,

zaterdag, maart 17, 2007


For some swaps an ATC and a postcard ,the ATC is done with wool and Tyvek
and some beads added.
The postcard is needle felted on the embellisher and some FME .


sometime ago I made a postcard with lamifix and I send it to Suz she asked me what the shinny stof was and I think this is the best way to let you see ,the first picture is lamifix and some viole
I irond the viole on the lamifix between sheets of backing paper and than I needle punched wool organza on the viole and the lamifix .
you get a shinny soft you can use as you please .
I hope you understand al of it ,if not please aske me and I wil help you ,


Experimenting on Flowers the first I made was the purple flower it is felt and organza it is very stif the other flowers are only organza and i like them better soft and shinny there for a swap
if I have other ideas i let you now

donderdag, maart 15, 2007

TAST buttonhole stitch

An other week gone by it is going so fast but here is the new stitch for this week the dubble buttonhole stitch .
Needle felted merino wool and the buttonhole stitch ,
This is just a quick post ,I am working in the garden it is a very nice day and for the next days there wil be rain ,so I wil take some sunshine.

zondag, maart 11, 2007

Little box, TAST, PLOS,

First a little box I seen it on Kay Susans blog
I loved it so much taht is way I made one for a friend

This is for PLOS ,,Personal Lybrary of Stitch,,
this is a class on joggels given by Sharon B
it is a great class I learn a lot

TAST also by Sharon B this week the
Barred Chain Stitch
On needle felted wool and pieces of organza
embrioderd with handdyed silk

dinsdag, maart 06, 2007

TAST cross stitch

Painted cotton and angelina fiber ,
and cross stitched lots of cross stitches

zaterdag, maart 03, 2007

week 2 for class with Sharon b

here is some work for the embriodery class I am taken at the moment
Sharon B is given the lessons and I must say it is a great class


This is a postcard I made for the needle felted challenge but it is also for the FAF the march issue is Tyvek
I made this card starting to Tyvek and on top a layer of organza ,this was FME on the machine and then heated with the heathgun ,
dyed chiffon needle punched on the tyvekand organza and ontop of that an other piece of needle felted organza in different colors

donderdag, maart 01, 2007

Terri,s page

My Fiber Art Friend swap partner for March is Terri ,Here theme is nature .

On a piece of handdyed cotton that I first FME ,I made a red flower whit the embellisher and also the leaves ,I dyed some cheesecloth , I also added some beads on the red flower

The tag is silk and wool I felted that wet and with the machine some stitches the backside is the dyed cheescloth

I hope Terri likes the page I loved doing it